Youtube app update is up!

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#1 Posted by Bardock47 (5429 posts) -

So far the changes are

  • You can search while watching a video
  • You can also view videos from same author or similar videos
  • All video selection is on the gamepad. Only thing on the tv will show the video you select and the youtube logo while selecting videos.
  • Seems to be more stable...still needs to test it out more.
  • Only bad thing is you cannot back out to your subscrptions while watching a video (else it will stop the video)
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#2 Edited by ANIMEguy10034 (4954 posts) -

I first thought you were talking about the 3DS app. haha

Great to see improvements on the Wii U app. Does anyone know if the 3DS app release date has been specified?

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#3 Posted by nini200 (11484 posts) -

All those things you could already do through youtube in the internet browser and you can back out of a subscription during video play in the browser version. I don't know why they wasted time and resources with this app.

They need to be spending more time on updating their online infrastructure especially messaging as they do not have a sufficient messaging system at the moment.

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#4 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

Doesn't matter to me. The internet browser has always been the go-to application for videos. The times I did use the youtube app it sometimes loaded the video very slowly.

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#5 Posted by enrique_marrodz (2107 posts) -

@thetravman: Now it works pretty smooth. I also disliked the original Youtube application but this update really made wonders. The best, for me at least, is that you can watch HD videos, and, for some reason, that doesn't seem the case when using the browser only.

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#6 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

@enrique_marrodz: The browser displays HD video.

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#7 Posted by enrique_marrodz (2107 posts) -

@thetravman: I'm not sure about that. Every time I launch a video from the application it streams the HD version, providing it exists. But the browser just uses the fastest one. I've tried this from the Youtube application to compare quality and the browser may look 480 at much, but not 1080 like in the application. I have more than enough bandwidth so that shouldn't be the issue.

In case you have, please add a reference to this claim as I haven't found anything on the subject.

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#8 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (9116 posts) -

At least the app isn't terrible anymore. Prior to the update, it was a slow, ill thought out mess that sometimes caused my system to freeze.

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#9 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

@enrique_marrodz: By default the browser displays 480p but you can change the settings on the youtube page by selecting that little gear icon just like any other browser. I rarely use it anyway but the option is there.