Your First Nintendo game?

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#51 Edited by Sweet6teen (16 posts) -

Super Mario/Duck Hunt using the NES Zapper, along with Maniac Mansion.

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#52 Posted by madsnakehhh (16394 posts) -

Like many old school gamers, my first Nintendo game was Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Time truly flies.

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#53 Posted by Megavideogamer (6459 posts) -

Arcade Mario bros. Home console Super Mario Bros NES

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#54 Posted by sakaiXx (5161 posts) -

Its either donkey kong or mario bros.

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#55 Posted by Mandzilla (3815 posts) -

It was either Tetris or Super Mario Land.

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#56 Edited by dzimm (5301 posts) -

The first Nintendo game I ever played was probably Donkey Kong in the arcade in the early-80s.

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#57 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (141 posts) -

Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy. My first Nintendo home console was the N64 and I got Legend of Zelda Orcana of time bundled with it at some yard sale.

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#58 Posted by Another-ryuga (3 posts) -

OG Gameboy, came with Super Mario and Tetris.

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#59 Posted by Speeny (1371 posts) -

It was either Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario All Stars on the SNES.