Your First Nintendo game?

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#51 Edited by Sweet6teen (16 posts) -

Super Mario/Duck Hunt using the NES Zapper, along with Maniac Mansion.

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#52 Posted by madsnakehhh (16413 posts) -

Like many old school gamers, my first Nintendo game was Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Time truly flies.

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#53 Posted by Megavideogamer (6483 posts) -

Arcade Mario bros. Home console Super Mario Bros NES

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#54 Posted by sakaiXx (5511 posts) -

Its either donkey kong or mario bros.

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#55 Posted by Mandzilla (4085 posts) -

It was either Tetris or Super Mario Land.

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#56 Edited by dzimm (5449 posts) -

The first Nintendo game I ever played was probably Donkey Kong in the arcade in the early-80s.

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#57 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (169 posts) -

Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy. My first Nintendo home console was the N64 and I got Legend of Zelda Orcana of time bundled with it at some yard sale.

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#58 Posted by Another-ryuga (3 posts) -

OG Gameboy, came with Super Mario and Tetris.

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#59 Posted by Speeny (1656 posts) -

It was either Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario All Stars on the SNES.

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#60 Posted by Eddie001 (3 posts) -

As it is for me, super mario

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#61 Posted by DoomNukem3D (198 posts) -

Born in 1991 but my Mom and Aunt already owned an NES so we already had a lot of Nintendo games but I cant tell you which we already owned except I'm pretty sure they had all three super Mario Bros games, Adventure Island, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Warrior. Oddly enough as a kid never owned the original Zelda, the two Contra games, Metroid, and the Megaman I grew up with was Megaman 6. We did have Startropics, and Blaster Master as well as Kirbys adventure and Zodas Revenge which came out after I was born.

Also had some weird shit like Ghoul school, Festers Quest, Roger Rabbit, and Castlequest.

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#62 Posted by SaltSlasher (1088 posts) -

Definitely Super Mario Bros on NES, simply cause it was packed in and don't believe the other two Nintendo made NES games I had I got at same time. I don't remember if it was the Duck Hunt version or not.

If talking actual first Nintendo game, it was Metroid or SMB2.

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#63 Posted by tohot240 (36 posts) -

Mario Kart 64

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#64 Posted by Vaidream45 (1912 posts) -

Gyromite lol

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#65 Posted by Coolyfett (6042 posts) -

@bronzeheart92 said:

In my case, I recall it being that Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge. And this coming from someone who was born in the 90s. What about you?

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt first game owned, but played Donkey Kong in the roller rinks\arcades prior.

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#66 Posted by tohot240 (36 posts) -

Mario Kart 64 was the first game my daddy bought for me.

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#67 Posted by Disgrace (17 posts) -

My first Nintendo game is Pokemon Yellow

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#68 Posted by Swedish_Chef (623 posts) -

Super Mario Land for gameboy.