Xenoblade difficulty..

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Hi, i've heard nothing but amazing things from this game, i really want to get this game, I can get a copy fine the only thing is that i've heard after you have completed a lot of side quests the game is to simple, is their any way to make this game more challanging? I dont mean by not levelling up because thats going to happen through doing all the optional side quests, someone spoke about turning the exp you get from enemies down? any help appreciated :)

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You get a pretty big team. A good way to change the difficulty is to try different combinations of characters in your team. The characters all have vastly different powers and strategies, so changing your team configuration can completely change how you approach combat.

I played mainly with the same four or five characters, and some of them I barely touched at all. I did a decent number of side quests and didn't find the game too easy at all.

Just go through the game at a pace that feels good to you. I would do side quests until I got tired of them, then I'd move the story along. Doing it that way was pretty much perfect, aside from a few later game boss battles that forced me to grind for a few hours. But the great thing about grinding in a game like Xenoblade is that because there's SO much to do, you never have to do the same exact thing over and over and over.

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I am not sure if it was just me, but I thought the game had some pretty challenging bosses and gameplay segments.

And I did a lot of sidequests.

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Like mentioned above, there are challenging moments later in the game that will force you to grind 5 - 10 levels or use different characters. If you want it more challenging, don't use a healer in your party.

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I am finding the game quite challenging.. am dying like crazy and I have completed my share of side quests

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Try out different combos and whatnot. The game isn't meant to be overly difficult, just challenging enough to be satisfying, which, IMO it is. If you mean is there adjustable difficulty settings then, no, there aren't. But there are quite a few bosses that require heavy tactical play later in the game.

Or, I suppose if you're feeling really daring you could get rid of the healer in your party, although I don't see how the game will be beatable unless you grind your ass off. The final boss took me... I think an hour in total to beat. You;d need some serious healing in that time.

Just get the game. Don't play it if you're looking for something super challenging. If you want that, get Dark souls or demon Souls. Get the game just because it's incredible in almost every sense.

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i completed many side qusests on xenoblade and i skip a lot its huge and gorgeous game i love it the best JRPG this gen for me