Would you like a sidekick for Link this time in the sequel?

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I do, I never found them to be annoying at all. Link without a sidekick can be a very lonely adventure, and their farewell at the end of the game is always a tearjerker.

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I guess I wouldn't mind either way. :)

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Interesting proposition. I would prefer no sidekick. I've never been a fan of having to slog through games with a second character slowing you down, getting stuck on invisible walls, dieing and forcing you to replay portions of the game.

What I would find interesting is some sort of flash back / dark link / alternative universe storyline where you play as a second version of Link.

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Obviously Paya should just follow link around and act embarrassed whenever Link faces her.

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Yeah they should introduce parties on the game like in actual RPGs and give them all individual skills and attributes that will really make Zelda a better game. Pretty soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between Zelda and Final Fantasy 15.

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Absolutely not! What I like about Zelda games is that you're all alone as Link. "It's dangerous to go alone... take this"

More playable characters would ruin the game for me. I really hated that stupid fairy in the N64 game. It was so annoying!

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@Maxpowers_32: Yeah it was like they were holding your hand. Fun regardless.

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I would kind of like the game to have Link and Zelda travelling together, for a change. Zelda was actually kind of funny in BotW, and I remember a few of the people who worked on the game saying that was their favorite character to work with for that game, so maybe they want the chance to flesh her out in a new adventure?

Maybe they'll pull a twist this time around and have the player controlling Zelda from the start, and being joined by Link a bit later on?

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@Ovirew: I like the sound of a game like that. Maybe help Zelda by being a gentleman and move ladders and planks for her or open doors for her. She could wield a bow and can help in combat. I heard some theories when BotW revealed gameplay that Link was actually Zelda because Link didn't wear his green cap. I believed it at first.

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every games nowadays seemingly needing a sidekick or a companion for travel, just allows link to talk and explain stuff when needed. The guy should at least aware of history of his world.

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I like Navi, I like the sidekick sequences in Wind Waker, I like Midna. But that sword thing in Skyward Sword was lame beyond belief. As long as it fits the story and it's not annoying, I'm fine with a sidekick. For the BotW sequel, though? I'd probably prefer to be alone again.