Would Trickstyle be good on the WiiU?

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Yes Trickstyle, the Hoverboard racing game that was on Dreamcast a while ago.

Trickstyle Game

I ask this because I think the Gamepad controls could be pretty interesting for a game like this. You could probably use the game pad to see who's behind you as well as use it to decode shortcut codes while racing which unlock new paths and secrets.

Turbo could be used by swiping upward on the gamepad screen whilst in Luge mode or something.

Create a trick mode could work by allowing the player to customize existing tricks with effects and with enough points, combine existing tricks to form new ones.

Battle Mode could be added as well then. Battling could use the Gamepad to fire at your opponents as well as swipe away their attacks.

So what do you think? Would Trickstyle work on WiiU? Would you like a new Trickstyle on WiiU? Do you have any ideas on uses for Gamepad functionality on a Trickstyle game for WiiU?

Trickstyle Gameplay