Worth buying 3DS XL to play Animal Crossing & Pokemon Y?

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Ok, i'm now 21 y old currently studying medicine and i planned to play those game for several months, before being busy becoming a co-assistant. I'm planning to sell it in March or April 2014.

So, is it worth buying and playing those game in short time? Any suggestion? Or is it better to just pass those? Thx

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Buy them and enjoy!

There will not be another Animal Crossing for the 3DS (it's been one per handheld/console) and the next Pokemon game will come out after you become a co-assistant. Since you have time before then, might as well play them while you can. Both games will deliver many hours of gameplay.

Is there a reason why you want to sell your 3DS? Keeping it may be useful if you plan on buying another game in the future.

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seeing as you can put in over 100 hrs into each of those 2 games and still not be done.. i would say, yes

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I couldn't imagine playing Pokemon with the intention of selling it later... A lot of the game's charm comes from your file always improving. Animal Crossing would be even weirder to play that way.

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It seems that I'm just going to purchase one, but maybe 2 more months. Thinking of playing the 3DS XL whenever I get bored. Thanks everyone. Can't wait to become a Pokemon Trainer and citizen in Animal Crossing :D