Will Wii owners who skipped last gen, stay next gen?

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Nintendo has done a fantastic job at accomplishing what they set out to do by bringing in people who had left or just never started gaming. The question is in regards to those who got tired of gaming that the Wii was able to draw in, will nintendo be able to keep them.

I am a gamer who has had a console every generation from the Sega Master System to the N64. After the 64 I got tired of gaming going in the same direction and I didnt see a point to keep buying new systems. I never stopped gaming, I just stopped keeping up with the latest thing. While everyone was buying Gamecube games I was buying N64, Virtual Boy, Genesis, and Master System games at pawn shops and garage sales. I could have just kept playing my master system from here to judgement day and been very content. It wasnt till I saw the E3 video where the Wii was really showcased that I knew I had to jump right back on the bandwagon.

Now that I am a Wii owner I am already planning on going back to my old ways and having this console last me a decade or so. I am constantly on Craigslist and other places trying to find cheap games that I may not have time to play now but I know one day when everyone else has gone on to the next big thing I will play. There are so many games that I just dont have the funds for or time for currently that once the wii is what the gamecube is now I could always go back and find a copy of Bully or NMH or Godfather or so on and be content.

Im not alone, there are plenty of people out there like me. Nintedo has done a fantastic job drawing us back in the mainstream with the Wii but the more I think about it the more of an impossible task it seems to keep us with what is current. Do you think Nintnedo will be able to keep those gamers next gen who dont need to have a console every gen who own a wii?

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Do you mean no new consoles next gen or just a Nintendo console?

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No, I will keep buying new game consoles seeing that I am a 3 console owner for the next gen already and I own both a PSP and a DS. The thing is though is that I never play any of these new games. I bought was either Drakes Fortune for the PS3 or Mario Galaxy for the Wii...that was back in november, Mario Galaxy has been opened and I have around 20 stars. And if you would take a look at Drakes fortune, its not even opened yet... Its sick because I still have the addiction, but cant play. Its like buying crack just because its a habbit to buy it, but I don't get the time to smoke it or whatever... Addictions of any kind are bad...even videogame addictions.
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i dont think there are that many gamers like you out there,for many people once the new gen consoles are out everything else goes dead.......there is an exception with the ps2 (and the same was with the ps1)but those who are actualy still buying old games for ps2 are mainly people who couldnt afford a ps3 and when they will they will get one.

you are like this now but when wii2 comes you will want to jump in that train and you will forget the first wii.i believe that the thing that happened with the playstations 1 and 2 cant happen with the wii now.everybody (at least in the wii forums)agrees that the wii IS the casuals console and stole milions of ps users ,but the thing is that its cheap and if someone wants to play it he will now,so when wii 2 is out none is gonna play the wii 1 cause they will buy the wii 2(cheap as well,nintendo is doing very smart moves after the cube)

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Do you mean no new consoles next gen or just a Nintendo console?


I meant no console... I honestly thought after the 64 I gave up new gaming for good and was just going to play oldschool gaming forever pretty much. The Wii was what brought me back in but in all honesty I think there is a good chance I will go back to my old ways after the Wii. Its not nintedo's fault really, I know that to expect to be blown out of the water again like I was with the unvailing of the Wii is too much to ask every generation but with out that feeling of "oh man I cant do with it" I will, well do without it.

Im not alone either, I use to work at a vintage game store where we mostly sold nes and snes stuff back a few months ago and almost all of our regulars were mainly old school gamers who just so happen to also have been drawn back in by the Wii.

I know its impossiable to draw us back in every gen but Im wondering if nintendo knows this... I wonder if they just see it as now that we have gotten all these people into gaming all we have to do is keep them here or if they see it as we need to keep drawing them in every generation.

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I will remain a gamer regardless. But I'm not sure I will buy the next Nintendo console. I will go to whatever system has a good price point, lots of variety, and better control than the Wii controls. Something with a Z-cam / wii mote type control. If other console manufacturers stick with the traditional gamepad I won't even bother. I've played all those games. Regardless of how much they tweak the graphics or how complicated they make the games, it just doesn't seem that interesting anymore. I hold no loyalty to any VG maker. I go where I will have fun...
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Well i as a true nintendo fan have always stuck with nintendo from the NES all the way to the wii . I realized that when the GC came out nintendo was kinda going downhill. Most of the games were the same stuff and made the same. But now since the wii has come out my attitude has totally changed.
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Well I have been getting every nintendo console that they released so there is no doubt I will get their next one when they release it.

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/agree.. I had all nintendo consoles up till the gamecube which is the first one i never bought. I got out of console gameing and got into computer games for the on-line factor. The Wii brought me back to consoles like it did for a lot of older gamers.. and introduced video games to a whole new group of people young and old. I have seen more than a few articles of how people are putting down card and board games at retirement homes and have gotten into playing the wii- because of wii sports.

Nintendo games have always been Kiddish in my opinion but they have been just plain fun to play.

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i think i have owned all the consoles since NES, minus the dreamcast and now havent got ps3 yet, so i will probably keep buying the next system as they come out.

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I guess my question can also be extended for those that werent gamers at all... like the nursing homes that have Wiis in them now... when the time for the next gen comes around and they are asked if they will get the Wii 2 wont they more than likely say "why, we already have the wii"?

Nintendo did a great job of drawing in this kind of market but my question is how will they keep that market?

The more I look at it the more it seems impossible. First off nintendo has to keep things simple, that was one of their main draws with the Wii, instead of having to know 20 buttons to play some games you just needed to swing. But on the other hand if they keep it simple it wont change very much from the wii and there is the problem for convincing that non gaming crowd to go on to the next generation. Lets say the figure out a way to keep it simple but in a way completely different from the wii, wont that hurt the chances of backwards compatibility? If that were the case then young children asking for a wii2 for christmas would have less of a platform to state their case on because they wont be able to play their old games on their new system (being able to play her gamecube games was one of the main reasons my parents got my sister a wii). All in all the next wii seems like it cant be too different but also cant be too similar. I think keeping as big of a market for next gen that the wii has now is going to be tougher than getting the market was.

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Yea I'm in the same boat as the TC. If I do decide to enter the next gen of consoles it will be with Nintendo however I probably won't do that until I have exhausted all decent games on the Wii. In 5 years time I'm sure there will be a very large backlog of great games that I've missed out on.
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I skipped last gen right after the sega dreamcast, where i then went to the handheld, and when i first saw wii at E3 and its new controller i knew that was my next system. It was different, thats what i liked about it.
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I'm going to say "no." What can the Wii 2 do? A list:
+That stuff like Eye Toy with the camera
+A more innovative controller
+Sound recognition
A lot of people who aren't complete Nintendo fans have started gaming (when I say that, I mean beyond a couple of minutes every week of Wii Sports) with the Wii have complained about the gimmikyness of the Wii. Most great Wii games are not great because of motion controls, they are great because of gameplay and graphics. Microsoft and Sony already lead in that department, Microsoft with it's double portion because they make Windows and Game for Windows as well. Eventually, Nintendo will lose the just-turned-gamers to Sony and Microsoft because they offer more for the more dedicated people who don't play just a couple of minutes a week.

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Unless Nintendo can think of a better way to make a console (Wii 2) and convince people to buy it, it will be hard for them to keep up with the next gen crowd. I don't think the casual gamers are going to want to buy the Wii 2 (if that's even what they'll call it) if they don't see some MAJOR improvements. Otherwise they'll think it's just a new Wii and since they already have a Wii they won't need to get a new one. I highly doubt Nintendo's next console will be a graphical powerhouse so they've pretty much just left the Sony/Microsoft war of who can look the prettiest. While the next Xbox and the PS4 will, obviously, be extremely powerful machines, I'm willing to bet that the Wii 2 will barely look as good as the Xbox 360, if not still worse. Nintendo doesn't care as much about graphics as gameplay so they really don't bother with it.

My main point was, unless they can seriously convince people that the Wii 2 is better than the Wii, a lot of casual gamers probably won't buy the Wii 2 until a year or so after it's released. I wouldn't have thought it possible to get people as excited for a console as they were for the Wii and maybe Nintendo will pull it off again next gen. But since this gen just started not too long ago, so it'll be a while before we see what Nintendo's next big console will be.

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I'm likely to buy Nintendo's next-gen console... and I'm one of those non-GC owners. I essentially left console gaming for PC gaming and never cared about any of the Nintendo games from that period. Now, however, I'm, enjoying those GC games I missed out on and enjoying all that Wii goodness.

I hope that Nintendo's next console is as addictive and as fun as the Wii.

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i got every console except master system i game on all 3 well 5 if we count the now dead atari and sega consoles ... and will continue to do so ,, i still buy games for all my old hard ware etc,. as right now theres nothing good except mario galaxy halo 3 metroid 3 paper mario zelda pd0 nascar all the same ol same ol stuff with new levels, really geting on nerves, which is why nintendo made wii and its success .
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anx ospov. they never said they didnt care for graphics. in fact for 4 gens in a row they had best graphics of its competition xbox only edged gc by a little but that xbox wasnt tapped to potential ...

examples of nintendo doing so ,include nes ya first console they made had best 8 bit tec in its era and dont tell me snes wasnt offering more then it claimed ,, examples of snes games that exceeded the cpu on snes include stunt race fx starfox dirt trax fx and these were the first 3d games made, only capable on snes,, thats where n64 came in ,, after the fx chip was the n64 lol... next step in 3d gaming, and it didnt sell as good as ps1 but it had better graphics then any other console at that time,

same for the gamecube,, re4 any one,, mkdd ,,, and wii is 2x more powerful then it, so dont say they didnt care for graphics. because for them the graphics game didnt work,, and it is not working for sony and ms right now,, nintendo already caught 360s sales numbers within a yr thats pretty sad aint it and 360s been out for 2 yrs and going,,, and all its doing now is declining sales... when is any one gonna realise graphics aint the reason ps or ps2 was successful,,, ppl think it would help ,, and lets say wii 2 comes out ,, and does have the graphical horse power of a ps4 ,, would you buy it if it costed you 900 dollars... if gaming goes that way,, im quite sure id be a good no,, just like how many ppl who owned ps2s didnt go out and shell 600 for a ps3 ..

history is repeating it self again,,, the weakest system is selling like hotcakes.. oh and news flash free radical wants timesplitters 4 spacifically on the wii ,, as is a second sight, 2 better tighten your seat belts because sony and ms have one big fall a head of them ,for the time being as of jan 08 wii has sold 20 million units world wide,.. according to npd,,

and 360s close with 17,3 million again sales of this console are declining as we speak especally in japan

and ps3s got 10.3 million as of said date,, right now i will have to check out the sales standings, but rest asured wii is still sitting on top infact it was reported for the month of feb in japan wii outsold ps3 4to 1 some times 5 to 1,, so ya

whom ever thinks this battle with graphics will get any further your wrong ,, in fact analyst are already predicting a 1 console future ,, may it be nintendos sonys or microsoft,, there can only be one according to analyst, and i so god hope for the best its nintendo as their the ones who pioneerd in the best games ,,,

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This thread sums me up as well. I switched to PC gaming after the first play station, I had mega drive, SNES, Game Boy & Spectrum 48k as well before that. I was stopped looking at console games altogether but as soon as I saw the Wii controls I knew I had to have one. I think it's the same for a lot of gamers over 30.

Will I buy the next gen system, I have no idea. I will if it amazes me other wise I will play back catalogue. I still play games on my old systems now I have them set up it our spare room.

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Nintendo has had a strange pattern of revolutionizing gaming every other console. nes, n64, now the wii. for u, lets hope that nintendo doesnt repeat that pattern and add a HDD and HD to their next console. as for me, ive been a nintendo fan since nes, and im almost certain that the "next wii" will be something of a wii60, so ill be picking that up. but im sure that we can both agree on wanting them to take a step futher like using the z cam instead if a sensor bar. hell, even a step futher than that...