Will we see a Rare Replay for the Switch??

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I sure hope that’ll be the case. I would love to play Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong Country, and many other games.

Hopefully with MS and Nintendo teaming up, that will be a possibility one day. But what’s your take??

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Seems likely at this point, no?

Maybe a joint release of Goldeneye 64 HD on both xbox and nintendo.

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At this point I wouldn’t be surprised. Ori just got announced for the Switch today so anything is possible.

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I'm hoping. Even if they have to take out most XBOX specific content and replace it with Nintendo related content (DKC 1-3, Diddy Kong Racing, DK 64, Star Fox Adventures).

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...The latest news is that no more x-box exclusives for the Switch. I guess the answer to my topic is a resounding no.