Will the 3DS use the same Accessories as the current ds/dsi?

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Hey everyone, I am getting a 3ds come launch. Just looking to buy some accessories for it and all. Is it worth me getting standard ds/dsi accessories for it or wait for official 3ds ones to come out.


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as far as the stylus is concerned, probably
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The stylus will be different, you just wait.

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They stylus is different. I've heard it can telescope out to 4''. That alone should tell you its different.
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The 3DS is different size and has different control and camera placement, so any accessories designed specifically for the DS Lite or DSi will likely not work with the 3DS. It would probably be smart to wait for accessories actually designed for the 3DS.
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Even though the 3DS has a completely different (and what I say a very awesome looking) stylus, I'd imagine that any DS stylus (along with your finger, but I wouldnt recomend that) would work with the touch screen. But other than that, I dont think so, remember this is a new generation handheld, its not just another DS design revision.