WiiU Needs a Good Baseball Game

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I think Nintendo should try to develop a first party MLB Baseball game. They were on Gamecube but it got cancelled and the game was completed too (see MLB Pennant Chase Baseball... It looked promising).

If not I would love to see a MLB Power Pros game. I'm not holding my breath but a guy can dream! Power Pros was one of the best wii games that nobody knew about.

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if you want a smiple pick up and play baseball game to play with dad or the family...

backyard baseball 08 or 09 on the wii are tons of fun.

the NES game "baseball" just released on virtual console 2 days ago and is easy to pick up and play.

baseball should also be on wii sports club HD this year...maybe with online play.

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I'm more into the mlb baseball games. They don't need to be pick up and play. Although the Wii sports baseball was really simple but for some reason, I actually loved it when it first came out.

But I'm generally into games with full season, roster management, etc.