Wiiu keeps disconnecting from Internet

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It's really annoying, the longest it probably stayed on was 20 minutes. And it has nothing to do With my wifi because every other thing works fine. I have to keep connecting and usually it'll disconnect a minute later Is this an issue a lot people's are having? Hopefully it'll get fixed in an update soon
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I haven't had this problem at all, infact I've been browsing the web and watching youtube all day. Maybe your Wii U is too far away from your wifi router. If you continue having problems. I reccomend getting a usb ether net adaptor (I believe the ones that were branded for the Wii will work with the Wii U). If you continue having problems, contact Nintendo.

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Don't worry I had the same problem. When I was updating. Then it got disconnected. I redid it again and it's continuing where it's left out
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i was online in black ops for 2 hours...no problems..

maybe go to the nintendo website and click tech support and select online chat with representitive..he might help.

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I have the same issue. I'm in Toronto, Canada, I don't know if that has something to do with it. It's not my connection either since my 360 and PS3 are connected wirelessly without any issue sitting right beside the Wii U. I just played 4 hours of BLOPS 2 on 360 last night but my Wii U keeps disconnecting every few seconds. It's very noticeable when I start a download, it starts and stops constantly. I even set Wii U to the DMZ but it had no effect.
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I've had the same problem but I don't think its because of the Wii U. Same thing happens with my PS3 and 3DS. I think my router may be going. :(