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#1 Posted by 777rak (892 posts) -

I am trying to find a Game CUbe card for one of my old GCN games(MVP 2005){my old memory card broke :() Since I have a Wii I am trying to find a memory card that is compatiable for GCN games as well as Wii games are there such thing?

Thankx for your time

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Unfortunately, no.

You must use the GC memory cards for GC games and either the internal memory or SD card for the Wii.

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#3 Posted by Yo-gan (1878 posts) -
what Blacksam TX said, there is no card like that available, and i dont think there will ever be one :(
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Would be a convenient card to have, but no for now - you have to have a separate card for GC games, and another for Wii saves - though I don't even know that you can load Wii saves from a Wii memory card I think it only backs up saves and VC games to it.
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How would such a card even work? The GCN and Wii use completely different block systems (not to mention completely different slots)...

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It would be cool if nintendo came up with a memeory card for wii&gc
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Nope you need a GC card and if you wii memory gets full an SD card. Nothing currently exists to do both. But If they came up with such a thing I think it would be called a Hard Drive... and we have had enough of those threads for a lifetime now.