Wii-U not reading certain discs

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I've come across a rather grating problem on my fall break.

I've just plugged my Wii-U in after leaving it by itself for a couple months, and rented two Wii-U games from GameFly recently - Zombi-U and Batman: Arkham City - but neither of them want to work. Zombi-U gets stuck on the splash screen when I select it on the Wii-U menu. Batman gets a little further, but when it reaches the start menu, I keep getting the same "Disc can't be read" error screen. If I keep removing and inserting the disc like it instructs, it eventually says the disc has been removed and makes me shut off the system.

The strange thing is this is only happening to these two games at the moment. I also have NintendoLand and NSMBU, and both seem to run fine. It's also not a problem with the discs themselves because neither of them are dirty or scratched and I cleaned them several times. Could this be a problem with something inside the Wii-U, or am I just unlucky enough to have rented two faulty discs at the same time?

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try laying the wiiU horizontal...it reads discs better that way...

did you update your wiiU? theres been many updates...

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I'll give laying it horizontal a shot. However, I can't get my system to update on my home internet. I've had trouble making it work with the internet ever since I brought it home.

EDIT: Nope, laying it horizontally had no effect.

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Check the outer edges of the discs that wont work. I've noticed that if there's any knick or cut the Wii U disc will not play. A few months ago I rented Lego City Undercover and had the same problem as you, while all my other discs played fine.

That leads me to believe that the Wii U is very particular about the quality of discs it will accept and play, which means rented discs will be hit or miss.

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@Bigboi500: I'm pretty sure the Wii U is just fine in regards to sensitivity to scratched discs. Disc drives use error correction algorithms to "guess" the missing info lost to scratches, as long as the scratches are radial they aren't incredibly harmful.

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I just checked, and I did notice that the Batman disc had a small bump on one of the edges. Zombi-U had a bump as well, but it was smaller. Neither of the games I own have these, but I really don't think a knick that small would stop a game from running. Then again, I've never seen rounded-edge discs work before.

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Okay, Zombi-U is working now, but Batman still gives me the same error. I'm not sure what's happening, but it's little more possible that I may just be suffering from a faulty disc. I'll make sure to let GameFly know about this.