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Has everyone been able to access the Wii Shop channel correctly? I don't know why today, of all days...

I've never had any problems with my Wii. It is on a different floor than my wireless router, so sometimes i have to try a few times to connect; but this is really weird. I can connect to the Internet Channel, and every other internet-related channel, but not the Wii Shop channel.

So far I've gotten the error codes 209600, 209552, as well as a message that says "This problem cannot be resolved at the time. Please try again later. If this problem persists..." etc.

I know my router is compatible, I know that it should be on the right channel because its been working fine. The only thing I remember I did was (while accessing the Wii Shop Channel) I hit the home button, and went back to the Wii menu. But interrupting the loading couldn't mess it all up, could it?

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welcome to the world of disfunctional wii shop channel. it has a mind of its own. but yeah just keep on trying to get on it will eventually work.
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That's interesting. I'm having the exact same problems, so I don't believe you have anything to worry about (In that you messed up your Wii and stuff).

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having no problems here with my shop channel.
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Sometimes it happens... Keep trying!