Wii controllers will not connect!!! HELP!!

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Hey there.....for some reason my Wii controllers will not connect to my system...i have tried using other friends controllers and YES i have tried syncing my own and my friends controllers...no controller will connect!! I have tried unplugging the system from the wall multiple times and have tried using other televisions! Can somebody please help me out here? Thanks!
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Ok, calm down, remove the battery case from your Wiimote, and open the SD card cover on your Wii. See the red buttons? Hit the Wii one first, then the Wiimote one second. When the Wiimote lights up for the player slot, you're good to go. Make sure the Wii is on first though.
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I have tried everything syncing, unpluging the system, replacing batteries and it just wont work.... I am trying to play a game cube game on my wii and first when i hit A to get it going it works then I get to the menu and hit animal crossing then start but then my controller shuts off what do I do??? Please Help!!
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You need Gamecube controllers to play Gamecube games.

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...Once you start a Gamecube game, the Wii Remote will shut off. You can't use a Wii Remote in a Gamecube game, you need a Gamecube controller.

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You need to buy a GameCube controller. Lol. Seriously, can't you figure that you cannot play NGC games with a Wiimote? :|