wifi max error code 52001??

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#1 Posted by amir_manu (517 posts) -

my DS wifi used to work but all of a sudden it just stoped working.

im getting error code 52001.. and have done everything it says on th internet to do.

can anyone help plz?

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#2 Posted by ianp_91 (2376 posts) -
try restarting ur router
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#3 Posted by WootyWoot (164 posts) -
or go on the site it tells you to and find out the error
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I think that one either means your router is not compatable with Nintendo WiFi, or that you have security options on your router that you need to work out
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The title says WiFi Max, so he is not using a router. WiFi Max is a adapter released by Datel for both PSP and DS.

Anyways, WiFI Max sucks, honestly. It is a pain to install it. Get the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter. Believe me, it is better.

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#6 Posted by deactivated-57af49c27f4e8 (14149 posts) -

i have wifi max, it can be a pain. first off, start up the connection. where the zdwlan thing is, you nkow, near the clock in the corner, go mess around with stuff there. that should work.

i had to reinstall it once because it wouldn't work.