Why I don't do much here anymore.

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#I know I haven't posted anything on GS for a while now and mainly, I've lost interest. I don't like the new format at all. I tried to adapt to the new format but I hate it. I miss unions. I hate that there are no featured blogs and the only way to get people to read them is to link them to the forums which are crawling with trolls and haters.

You're not allowed to like any game on any console anymore without someone bringing down your happiness. I ended up getting a WiiU for Christmas. Honestly I was about to make up my mind to not buy any new system this time around and just stick to my 3DS, PC and use my PS3 until support finally dropped for it. But then I got Super Mario 3D World along with some Christmas/Birthday money so I picked up the Wind Waker bundle and that's what I've been playing lately. Finished most of 3D World (at the second post game challenge world) also downloaded Earthbound and Mega Man X from the Eshop and would really like to get Rayman Legends at some point. Still playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and trying to finish up Zelda: Link Between Worlds.

But enough about the games I'm playing, shortly before Christmas, I got major news that I was pregnant. I'm glad about this. We've been trying for almost 4 years now but this sort of thing changes one's outlook for the future. Truth be told once my baby is born, I probably won't have as much free time to game. I'm not saying I'll stop completely but I won't have the time or disposable income I enjoyed for a lot of years and mind you I'm in the situation where I can stay home and raise the baby, thanks to the new job my husband has now.

I've been here since 2007 and I think it's time to move on. Honestly I had thought about leaving GS for some time now but I mostly stuck around for the couple unions I was in but once those were gone, I found myself visiting less and less.

Oh and if you do have a WiiU and want to add me, I'm Slashingkatie.

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Your gaming days are over until your child gets into them probably

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a lot of people left

pixelperfect, campzor(nintendo hater),majormayor(troll),kazilla(nintendo troll)

in a way gamespot is better without so many trolls posting...well...less than before anyway..i enjoy it more.

but i can see why things changed for you. good luck in everything.

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I never got into unions or anything like that, I just browse the site and put my 2 cents where I can. I do agree that if you're not enjoying the site, then its time to go. Maybe you can just comment on topics you're interested in, and not be so heavily invested in the site.

Congratulations on your baby, may he/she be healthy and a gamer! :)

I love my Wii U, btw. Mario 3D World is lots of fun, I played it with my kids and that made it a much better game. The kids also just finished Skylanders, but now it's the constant asking for a new figure. I picked up Wind Waker HD as well, but haven't played much (I've already finished it on the GC, though). I'm debating Marvel Superheroes, I think it'll be fun with kids as well. Don't forget to register your console and games with Club Nintendo, I've gotten a few free Virtual Console games and calendars and stuff.

I'd like to add you, if you don't mind. I don't have any friends on the Wii U. My Nintendo ID is me2cool.

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Girls on the internet exist?

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@Grieverr: Ok I'll do that after a bit here. I probably will post a comment on the occasional news story and I do come back to watch Feedbackula as that's always hilarious.

As for the Skylanders thing, hey at least you didn't get Disney Infinity as well or you'd really be broke. LOL

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I've noticed many people leaving, including some of the greatest friends I've ever made. I can't say I did not expect it, especially how different the new format is and the fact that people move on. I actually don't expect myself to be here for another 6 years. I haven't lost too much interest in the site or video games, but I'm sure it'll eventually happen when I graduate, start working full-time, raise a family, etc. It's scary thing to think about since I would love to act like a kid and waste literally thousands of hours in games for the rest of my life, but I doubt that's going to happen. :P

I hope for the best during and after pregnancy! :D

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They removed region boards which is why Im not as frequent as well. Basically now all threads in off topic are US news.

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Things have changed and I believe with some work and good faith, the new things about GameSpot can be good if not great. Unions and user-created boards are gone, but certain preserved unions are being transformed into forums and they should all be here this year. You might like it if you find some friends to talk about things you like.

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@juboner said:

Your gaming days are over until your child gets into them probably

Yeah I game with my kids.

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Belongs on your blog, OT.