Why does the Switch use a different "OK" and "cancel" layout than the Xbox/PC?

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I have the Switch and the Xbox controller for the PC. One thing that's really annoying is that when using the Switch Pro controller even though it has the same layout as the Xbox controller the "ok" button is bottom left on the Switch and bottom right on the Xbox. Cancel is bottom right on the Switch and bottom left on the Xbox. Not only that, but the layout for the Xbox is "x y" on top, "a b" on the bottom, which makes sense since it's in alphabetical order. On the Switch it goes "y x" on top, then "b a" on the bottom.

So when I go back and forth I end up making mistakes with "ok" and "cancel" just navigating through menus.

Also, I've been playing Dragonball FighterZ on the Switch and Injustice 2 on the PC. They have the same light and medium attack layout, but the special button is reversed. This just makes muscle memory very hard and is very confusing! Was this done on purpose?

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nintendo's layout is the original layout going back to the SNES

when playstation came out "they" changed it to try and be different from nintendo.

when xbox came out they adapted the playstation version.

PC buttons can be mapped however you want. just go to the settings. the default option is the xbox/microsoft controller option which copies playstation.

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Most Japanese games used the Nintendo layout up until the PS2 era. They switched over to the other layout after PS3 came around. I think they all tend to use the Nintendo layout in Japan