Why are Nintendo Switch games so expensive even when on sale?

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These games are still $60 and they are two years old. Horizon: Zero Dawn for Playstation 4 is already $20 for the Complete Edition and it is also two years old. When Switch games are on sale they are only $10 off. Btw there is a 3 day Anniversary sale going on at Bestbuy right now, and most Switch games are only $10 off.

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Yeah, it's hard to avoid the nostalgia tax if you buy Nintendo products. It's like the hipster tax with Apple. They will eventually have Nintendo Selects or Players Choice, but it could be a few more years. The games are still selling.

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Because no good substitute product. Outside of Nintendo offerings its a barren wasteland for good games on Switch so Nintendo can charge premium.

PC and Console competitors don't have this problem cause you have options. Like NFS go try forza. Dont like witcher 3 play horizon zero dawn or skyrim. Want more BB or DS3 go buy those Souls clone.

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there are no games around that can match their quality.

mario and donkey kong is the best platformer period.

mario kart is the best racing battle game period.

splatoon is one of the top 3 third person shooter games around at 8M sold

zelda is arguably the best adventure game ever created.

also if it sells really well they dont lower the price. if the game sells poorly they will discount it.

usually metroid and starfox games get discount soon because they are not popular franchises.

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I know the feeling. :P Think about me buying exclusively digital too. Oh well.

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Because, Nintendo.

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@KBFloYd said:

usually metroid and starfox games get discount soon because they are not popular franchises.

This is a good point. Most first party games have maintained high sales so far; one because the Switch was new, and two because they are mostly from Nintendo's top tier franchises. Now that the Switch is older and they are getting to second tier games, we will probably start to see better sales. And then third party partnerships like Astral Chain and Daemon X Machina will probably get discounted fairly quick.

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The selects range will be for 5 year old games it's the way Nintendo do things. It's always been crazy prices.

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Nintendo games can demand full or close to full price long after release. People want them and people will purchase them.

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Because when you buy Nintendo...you buy “quality”...!


When I see some Nintendo games, there’s something about the way they are that makes it seem pretty expected for the games, product and company. It just seems like they should be able to charge prices like that. I wish I could pin-point what it is that makes me feel this way, because I don’t think it’s just the quality of the games. It’s quite strange to me.

That being said I remember Wii being notoriously cheap and the Wii itself only costing like 100 dollars. This is like when Skyward Sword was released though.

I can’t believe it’s been that long ago.

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You may be right that the Switch has some exclusives that command a premium because of the name. That being said, the PC has a lot of quality games, especially after patches that are heavily discounted after a few years. I bought up a whole bunch of PC games for under $10 each that were a few years old and I've really enjoyed them. For the Switch I only have a handful of games due to the price.