Who will be Your Gen. 8 Starter Pokemon?

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Posted by Ovirew (9028 posts) 3 months, 24 days ago

Poll: Who will be Your Gen. 8 Starter Pokemon? (14 votes)

Grookey - Grass-Type Monkey 21%
Scorbunny - Fire-Type Rabbit 21%
Sobble - Water-Type Lizard 21%
Not sure yet... 14%
I don't like any of them! 21%
I can't decide, I love them all! 0%

So... The vast and scenic Galar region awaits! While I'm still not 100% certain it's based off of the UK, there's no doubt this will be the biggest and most beautiful region in the Pokemon World yet.

But before embarking on this brand new journey, there is one very important decision to make - Which friend is going to accompany you as you explore Galar, meet its Pokemon and conquer its Gyms?


Me? I'm planning on going with Sobble.

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The grass chimp, I have a good feeling about this one. Usually find grass types the worst. Never had one in a competitive team.

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Not sure yet, but probably Grookey (the grass-type). Or maybe the water-type.

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the fire bunny

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Sobble obviously for its looks Maybe scorbunny he looks cool also because his speed though i need to see full evolutions.

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I'll go with Grookey, but that may change once they show off the evolutions.

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They all look pretty lame.

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I honestly care about their last forms since that's the form I'll see for 90% of the game. Like Litten, I loved that design. But I absolutely despise Fuegro. So I went with the Owl

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I went with the Grass-type starters more in the past (more than) decade than any other type. It almost edges out Water and Fire depending on how I look at things:

1: Squirtle or Charmander

2: Cyndaquil

3: Torchic

4. Turtwig

5. Oshawott

6. Chespin (May be my favorite starter since gen 1 actually.)

7. Rowlet

I'm a little surprised Grookey has taken such a lead, but it's not a bad thing. Maybe it just goes to show that there've been a lot of interesting Grass-type starters in recent years.

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I always pick the fire types. They seem like the best