Who is your favourite female character in the entire Super Smash Bros series?

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If you ask me who is my favourite female character in whole Super Smash Bros series? there she is!

Lucina from Fire Emblem series
Lucina from Fire Emblem series

So who is your personal favourite female character in the entire Super Smash Bros series?

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he fights for his friends

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oh wait....female?

2nd place is:

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I think Isabelle looks adorable so I might try maining her.

Bayonetta sounds cool too. I don't really play Smash much so I haven't played Bayonetta ever before, and I have no idea how they play. But these two are the ones that have me most hyped for Ultimate.

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Daisy. That's right, she forces you to eat your damn turnips! They're good for you!...

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Zero Suit Samus and Lucina

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I usually do pretty well with Zelda. Haven't played as Bayonetta, but I suspect she will be my favorite when I get Ultimate.

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Lara Croft

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@Coolyfett said:

Lara Croft

She never appeared in a Super Smash Bros. game. In fact, no Western-made video game character has yet to make a debut in the series. The series at this time only represents characters from Japanese-made games.

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Samus for me! ;)

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If we ever got Maria Renard that would probably be my top pick. More CastleVania would be awesome in my opinion.

Because we don't have that, it leaves Zelda who frankly I never cared for apparent from her BotW variant_

And always like Metroid and the character that is Samus. Yet. . . For Smash, I always play the armored version. Zero Suit Samus was overdone for pre-teens to drool over much like Jill Valentine in Resi5+. Nothing against sexy women in games, but I think it was clearly modelled after Team Ninjas adaptation (Other M). The base model for women in those games is very generic and that's how I found Samus. I do prefer the new Samus Returns bulky model in SU, fits the character way better. But too early to tell if I actually like it or find it a minor improvement.

So my pick is Armored Samus till we get something better.

Chun Li would also be a good addition but I'd want a male character (D00M Slayer) in more honestly.

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Samus is a top choice, but I did like Lucina, she was my wifey.

I never really cared too much for Zelda, and don't think she is cute or anything like that, hell, even Lucina is no Tharja.

So gotta go Samus, Metroid 1 was easily top 3 favorite NES games as a kid, and among friends, it was my thing. I just never really played another Metroid til Other M.

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Samus Aran.

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Peach is in my rotation.

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Samus. My main girl from my favorite adventure game of all time. Ontop of the history I have with her, she's also great for kicking ass in Smash Bros.

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Bayonetta, ZSSamus, and Lucina are my dudes.

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Lucina, for sure

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Isabelle! Just because I'm an AC fan.

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