Who else is getting the Switch Lite and whens it come out?

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#1 Posted by ProtossRushX (5442 posts) -

Man nintendo is a genius they are the smartest company in the world switch lite is right up my alley

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#2 Posted by Speeny (1774 posts) -

I won’t be getting one. Wanting my sister to get one though so we can play MK8 Deluxe Online together.

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#3 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18989 posts) -

Nah, I've already got my Switch... plus the Lite is probably too small for my hands.

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#4 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31210 posts) -

Sing me in. The yellow one looks excellent.

Does it come with the same built in memory as the original Switch?

Also I seriously hope Nintendo will sell it with a charger in Europe.

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#5 Posted by npiet1 (2316 posts) -

I've already got the switch, but the kids always fight over it. I might get them 1 each for Christmas.

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I haven’t even considered buying the original Switch, let alone it’s weaker sibling. I need something other than Mario Odyssey to entice me to buy one.

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#7 Posted by Ovirew (9080 posts) -

I have no plans to get the Switch Lite, but it comes along at the right time. I think the color options are decent, though maybe I wish Nintendo would take a page from the Gameboy Pocket and release it in many colors at once.

I have at least three big games to get on the Switch this year, so that's where my $200 is going, lol.

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#8 Posted by Kadin_Kai (505 posts) -

I might pick one up. But so far there are just a handful of games I want to play. Mario Kart, Zelda and Street Fighter 30th anniversary.


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#9 Posted by ThatDBFan (350 posts) -

Not getting a Lite. Gonna get the standard. I mean, the Lite is cheaper, but also kinda crappy. Like, the big points of the Switch are taken away with the Lite.

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#10 Posted by Blazepanzer24 (177 posts) -

I might consider getting one, but I'm still deeply on the fence with the switch, especially since I still have the 3DS and the Wii U the those two combined with the other Nintendo systems I own can give me plenty of Nintendo's experiences and exclusives.

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#11 Posted by RSM-HQ (8426 posts) -

Nope but am getting the update battery Switch.

I spend hours on the train every day and the base model Switch has been pretty useless for this over my 3DS. Finally the upgrade handheld Gamers have wanted since launch!

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#12 Posted by Collie_Lover (962 posts) -

Not getting Switch Lite, but I think it is a good idea and predict it will sell well.