Which Screen Protector & 3DS Case Should I Get?

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I want to take good care of this for as long as possible. I've been hearing about issues with the screen, so that's a must. Case is more of a personal thing.

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I want to take good care of this for as long as possible. I've been hearing about issues with the screen, so that's a must. Case is more of a personal thing.


I bought the thirty dollar explorer set from Nintendo. It's very spacious for games and equipment but I don't think its going to be fitting into pockets very well. The real thin leather-ish looking one might be the way to go but you have to buy screen protectors separately.

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Hori screen protectors, Hori clear hard case. It's what I got, and is probably your best bet ;).
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I sent this as a PM to a fellow Gamestpot member. This is what I personally recomend:


Hey! When you say "clear plastic cover" do you mean this:tinyurl.com/4rjfl6x

Or are you talking about the clear plastic film that they offer to protect your 3DS screen? If you are talking about the clear plastic looking thing that I linked to above, I would recomend getting that over the silicon case. But really I would recomend neither since when you use those cases, it prevents you from charging your 3DS on Nintendo's charging cradle. If you don't mine taking the protector off each time you charge it, than go that route. I would personally recommend getting the clear plastic film that Hori makes for the 3DS. One being it doesn't hide the Nintendo 3DS' color, it makes it less bulky, you can still use your 3DS on the Nintendo charging cradle, and when the film is properly applpied you can barely even notice it. I'm on the fence about buying the Hori screen protector film right now because I found out they offer a full body film cover on PlayAsia's website. Its sold out, but I'm thinking about waiting, because I love the full body film protectors. Here's a link to that: tinyurl.com/4hvcq6s

If you don't want a full body protector like that, go with just the Hori film screen protector. Here's a link to that: tinyurl.com/4s4r2ut

I'm hoping Amazon.com will also offer those full body Hori's. I'll just be extra extra careful with my 3DS when I get it. Probably put a really small cotton ball inbetween the two screens when I close the 3DS to prevent any nastiness from occuring

Oh and you can always get a pouch like this (doesn't have to be Hori, a pouch is a pouch): tinyurl.com/49m3x3j

I think that's the ultimate combo. Full body Hori film to prevent your device from any scratches and a pouch to keep your device from any drops. Those pouches are way better at protecting your device from breaking than those silicone cases or that plastic cover.

Just my to cents! Good luck!


PS... Why can't gamespot just have a Quote box icon in their tools when creating a post to make it easier to create a quote box. I swear to god every post I make the damn quote boxes are all messed up. I give up on the quote boxes. :evil:

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It depends what kind of 3DS case you are after really, I got mine from here. If you want a case you can use while you are playing, the hori silicone case is really good or get a crystal case if you want something with a bit more protection. If you are after more of a carry case/pouch type thing, one of the official hard pouches would do pretty good - I got the microsuede wallet personally from this place: http://www.gamingzap.com/nintendo-3ds-accessories/3ds-cases.html Screen protector wise I just got the Madcatz one from there too, I wanted a Hori one but I dont think they are out yet :( but this one seems pretty good so no complaints - cheaper too :D