Which Released 3DS Games Do You Think are the Best?

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#51 Posted by LJChronx (953 posts) -

Well Im going to leave Zelda: OoT off my list since I have beaten the game twice before beating it again on the 3DS, but if you havent played it then it should be number 1 on anyones list (unless you just dont like the genera or Zelda). Same kind of goes for Starfox great game 10 years ago, but I dont need to play it again. So...


  1. MK7
  2. Resident Evil: Revelations
  3. Tales of the Abyss
  4. Heroes of the Abyss (Just for the shear amount of features they put in the game. I know the actual game needs some work.)
  5. SFIV


  1. Zelda: Links Awakening
  2. Pushmo
  3. Mutant Mudds

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#52 Posted by JustBoomer (188 posts) -
For me so far MarioKart 7.