Which of the "Three Houses" Will You Join?

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is about 5 months away yet, but that's not too early to start thinking about which of the three titular schools your character will teach at!

Black Eagle?

Blue Lion?


Gold Deer?

After looking at some of the students unveiled for the three schools I'm kinda leaning towards Blue Lion. But it's early yet.

What say ye?

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We know very little about the three houses other than the form of government each is govern (imperial, monarchy, aristocratic federation) and perhaps the weapons each house is specialized in. We will learn more in a possible future Nintendo Direct on Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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@onesiphorus: https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_characters_in_Fire_Emblem:_Three_Houses

They actually have pages for the "known" characters on the site also. It's not a lot of info, but enough to get a better idea of who some of your comrades will be.

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@Ovirew: This game does look really good but I haven’t played any of the Fire Emblem games. Would this be a good one to start with?

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Gryffindor... I mean Gold Deer! :D

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@mandzilla: X-D

@speeny: Idk what systems you have, but the 3DS ones are pretty good. The GBA ones were also decent. But you know, there's nothing wrong with starting on this brand new one, either!