Which games MUST Nintendo show at E3 2013?

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http://www.mywiiu.com.au/wii-u/articles/five-games-nintendo-must-show-at-e3 What games do you think Ninty should show off at this year's E3 to fend off the next-gen competition from MS and Sony?
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Fatal Frame!!! Where is a new Fatal Frame game Nintendo?
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I would like to see the new 3D Mario, but what I really am interested in is whatever Retro is working on.
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in such high demands,I wish to see these games right in front of me 1. Pokemon X & Y for the 3DS 2..Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for the 3DS 3. Super Smash Bros WiiU & 3DS
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Well they already confirmed that the following will be at E3

-3D Mario for Wii U by the team that brought us both Galaxy games (playable at E3)

-The next Mario Kart for Wii U (playable at E3

-Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

-Not sure but I hear that the next major Zelda will make an appearance in some form too

Seems pretty darn solid to me

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