Which color for the Switch Lite would you go with?

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Poll: Which color for the Switch Lite would you go with? (9 votes)

Gray 33%
Yellow 33%
Turquoise 22%
Wait for the Special Edition Pokemon one 11%
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just curious which color I should go with i don't think im gonna wait for the pokemon one even tho it looks cool

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Gray/grey even though I'm not buying one.

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Grey is my favorite shade of color.

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I think it's a horrible system, so I don't want one. But if I had to chose, I'd take the yellow one.

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I'll stick with my upgraded standard model thank you. Been very happy with it.

Battery life is what matters most for a handheld. Though I appreciate the Lite being an option for more economical spenders. Switch is a great system and happy it'll open the doors to more Gamers.

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The Switch Lite is definitely for the "gamer on the go," but for me it's a bust for obvious reasons. That being said, if I were in the situation where I were to be given one, then I would hope it to be the Turquoise one.