What's your favourite Mario Kart game?

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Posted by Speeny (1786 posts) 5 months, 19 days ago

Poll: What's your favourite Mario Kart game? (19 votes)

MK8/Deluxe 26%
Mario Kart 7 5%
Mario Kart Wii 0%
Mario Kart DS 21%
Mario Kart Double Dash 26%
Mario Kart Super Circuit 5%
Mario Kart 64 16%
Super Mario Kart 0%
Mario Kart Arcade games 0%

I really love MK8/Deluxe but I think overall I had so many fond memories playing Double Dash. MKWii is a close call also. It'll be nice to see what MK Tour brings to the table.

I really wish I could get into the original SNES Super Mario Kart game but I find the controls to be so frustrating. Maybe it's because I'm not used to using the D-pad plus, it's 2D.

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5d1e44cf96229 (2814 posts) -

Mario Kart 64 since it still has by far the best battle mode to this day.

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#2 Posted by sakaiXx (5724 posts) -

The gba one

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I like MK8, but the tracks are way too short. The only other one I played much was MK64, which had better tracks.

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#4 Posted by Ovirew (9087 posts) -

I really liked MK DS. The blocky character models were neat, and I liked how you could unlock different cars for everyone. It was....I think the first online one right? Had some fun races.

There were a lot of hackers who joined games and zipped to the finish line, but despite that the people who played fair were still fun to race against.

I didn't like 64 that much actually. I liked the SNES one. GBA one was pretty good. The arcade version is novel but not that good. I have never played Double-Dash or the 3DS one. Wii one was ok but the motion controls were so-so. Latest one is also good.

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#5 Edited by Sevenizz (3914 posts) -

Oh Double Dash by a mile. The Wii and WiiU games were sadly a step back. I’ve heard the Switch improved the WiiU version, but I’m not in the market for that handheld so it’s not on my radar.

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#6 Posted by VFighter (5044 posts) -

Mario 8

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#7 Posted by Speeny (1786 posts) -

@Sevenizz: I played Double Dash for the first time in 2015 and it is still my favourite in comparison to other games. Idk what it is.

This is arguable but I feel as if Nintendo has gotten less creative with the tracks that’s for sure. One track I wanted to see in Mario Kart 8/Deluxe was Peach Beach. A simple track but I guess sometimes less is more. DK Mountain would have been a nice addition and also Bowser Castle in Double Dash would of been great to see return.

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#8 Posted by onesiphorus (2903 posts) -

My favorite is Mario Kart DS because it is the only Mario Kart game that I was able to complete the 50cc, 100cc, and the 150cc. Out of the latter Mario Kart games, DS is the one I played extensively.

Too bad the graphics do not age well in the HD/4K age.

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#9 Posted by Tauriiel (3 posts) -

I like the GBA one.

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#10 Posted by xantufrog (11524 posts) -

I almost voted 8 Deluxe. I probably should have. Beautiful game with great levels and mechanics. I went with Double Dash, however, because there's something very nostalgic about it for me. I guess I played it with friends more at the time

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#11 Posted by Speeny (1786 posts) -

@xantufrog: Definitely Double Dash is a nostalgic game. I guess one of the drawbacks for me with 8/Deluxe is that it's very limited for you to create new shortcuts. Less freedom on the tracks kind of thing. (Compared to the Wii game at least.) Not sure if the ultra-shortcut on Big Blue was supposed to be a thing or someone just made it up.