What's the best pokemon gba game?

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#1 Posted by floppydiscs (204 posts) -

I have pokemon d/p and I was thinking of getting one of the gba ones...

Which of the gba games are pal park compatible?



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#2 Posted by Dwarfeater (430 posts) -

All the pokemon GBA games are Palpark compatible. (LG, FR, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

I would suggest getting Emerald + LeafGreen or FireRed, whichever one has the Pokes you like best.

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#3 Posted by DeafNYCPlayer (2309 posts) -
You may get Emerald or Fire Red/Leaf Green. Both are still great games.
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#4 Posted by ScrawlKnight (574 posts) -
Well I loved by old Pokemon Blue, so i'd suggest Fire Red or Leaf Green. But if you want something more up-to-date then get Emerald.
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#5 Posted by dkjestrup (1214 posts) -
I think you should get pokemon Crystal (gameboy colour, but the graphics aren't that bad) because it has the kanto reigon AND the Jhoto (spell?) region. In it you can get all three legendary dogs, and I think Hoho and Lugia. I think it is the longest and its my favourite.
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#6 Posted by Jeremy6 (109 posts) -
Definitely get Emerald, it's the best one, and if you can get another one, get either fire red or leaf green. Don't get Ruby or Saphire.
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#7 Posted by SlorgieNel (1704 posts) -
I actually preferred Ruby/Sapphire, but nothing beats the old-school Pokemon of FireRed/LeafGreen.
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#8 Posted by SUPER_FLY_ (2653 posts) -
firered is mine
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#10 Posted by Ruhdezee (975 posts) -
id get emerald and then leaf green
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#11 Posted by cyraxkilawatt (4833 posts) -

All of the GBA PKMN games are good but I would suggest Emrald... but you can't go wrong with any of them.

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#12 Posted by cyraxkilawatt (4833 posts) -
But to be able to catch them all, you might need to get all the GBA games eventually, so far FireRed has be the best in that case.
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#13 Posted by nhlkiller (1380 posts) -
fire red