What's the best golf game on Wii?

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My mom wants a golfing game for Wii. She loved golf on Wii Sports, so she'd like to try a full game. However, she wants the same type of controls, or more specifically, motion controls. So, which golf game on the Wii that uses the motion controls in a similar way does it the best?

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Right now, I suppose it is Tiger Woods. For a cartoony game, wait until "We Love Golf" comes out. It is made by the same people who made the Mario Golf games.
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What I question about games like golf is when will we see actual controllers for them made? Outside of something to snap the wii remote in to, they should utilize the technology in a golf club controller you can use across multiple games. I see a ton of accessories for the 360, a good amount for the PS3, the Wii has less than either but should be able to have way more than both put together.
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I'm surprised nobody said Super Swing Golf... I havent played it myself, bur i heard it's good.

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Tiger Woods is ****. Super Swing Golf Season 2 is the best.
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Ugh, I don't know about Super Swing 2, but Super Swing Golf 1 is terrable! Especally if you're looking for a motion control game. Tiger Woods '08 is the way to go.
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I still like Wii Golf on Wii sports the best.