What would you like to see from the next 3DS revision?

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Personally, i would love to see a Nintendo 3DS L. Which would be somewhere between the normal 3DS and the XL. I find the 3DS screens slightly too small, and the XL too big. A bump up in the screen quality, bringing it closer to the vita's wouldn't be bad either.

What would you guys like to see?

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In gaming portables, better battery life, I guess? An extra hour or two definitely helps. This might sound crazy, but I would like to see a 3DS in the body of a 2DS. Or basically a 2DS with 3D and other improvements they could think of.

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Uhh... besides better battery life, there's not much more I want from the 3DS.

Better resolution would be nice, but Isn't it too late for that? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the games run at a native resolution despite what the console can handle. The 3DS has a much higher resolution than the DS, more pixels per square centimeter, which caused DS games to look burry on the 3DS when stretched to fit the screen. Wouldn't the same happen to 3DS games if they make a revision with better resolution screens?

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Put the volume control somewhere else. My finger always seems to hit it.

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I dont want any more revisions, just keep putting out limited edition systems.

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@sailor232 said:

I dont want any more revisions, just keep putting out limited edition systems.

spot on. I would rather they work on improving the eshop experience and connectivity with the Wii U, the console itself is already perfect. Nintendo are going to have an impossible task of creating the next generation ds system