What three games should I get?

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So I am on the verge of purchasing my first Nintendo DS (white) and my first Nintendo product since I bought the N64 way back when. What three games should I get? I am looking for long lasting games with good replay value (Wi-Fi multiplayer preferred). I'd really like to have three different type of games so I get a feel of different genres instead of feeling like I'm playing the same thing.

I should also note that I'm a super casual player who will play maybe an hour a day due to school. Thanks in advance.

I have my eye on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Mario Kart DS...good choices?

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Try postingthe DS Recommendation Thread. Its stickied on the top of the forums. Coz the mods will probably lock this. But those are good games.
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megaman or pokemon resident evil ds or metroid prime hunters mario 64 or diddy kong racing
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wrong forum
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Clubhouse Games is an excellent collection of games for a casual player.
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mario kart was good and if you like rpgs and know what your getting into you could try ff3.

GET BRAIN AGE only ds "game?" that really matters

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who cares if its the wrong forum screw it
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okay, so you're choosing only three games to start out with, with three years of games out and about for the system.

I'd say Mario Kart DS is a definite shoe-in. If it's not one of your three, there's something wrong with you. It's ridiculously fun, looks great, and has that wifi you're interested in.

Next, since you mentioned that you're a "super casual" gamer, I'd say you should pick up a platformer of some sort. Super Mario 64 DS, New Super Mario Bros, or Yoshi's Island DS would each certainly fit the bill. Of those three however, I highly recommend YIDS. The difficulty and challenge increases with each world and well, I've grown more and more in love with it since I got it last fall.

I don't own Pokemon pearl/diamond or any of the Phoenix Wright games, so I can't speak for or against them. I will however suggest some other games that might interest you. Meteos (if you can find it) is the first puzzle game besides Tetris that I've ever become addicted to. It's awesome. MegaMan ZX is great, too. Besides these, there's also a plethora of amazing games coming out before the end of the year. Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Sonic Rush Adventure, Geometry Wars, just to name a few.

Hope this helps.

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Mario Kart

Final Fantasy 3

great games to start out with for a causual gamer I would definitly recommend Elite Beat Agents and Meteos too. it all depends on the games you like definitly get mario kart though

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Bomberman DS has great multiplayer and Puzzle Quest is a nice long casual game.;)
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I haven't played many DS games but here are my suggestions.

Pokemon Diamond

Mega Man Star Force

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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Nintendogs, Super Mario 64 DS and Metroid Prime Hunters are some of my favorites.
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those are good choices but isent there a new PR coming out soon?
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Mario Kart and Elite Beat Agents. There are other decent choices but i'd stick 10 bucks a week in a can and then use it for 4 or 5 new games between Sept and the end of the year depending on reviews and what you like...maybe Tony Hawks Proving Ground, Bleach; check the new releases for possibilities but let's see how they're reviewed when they come out. ---if you get EBA get the Hori brand screen protectors because it all stylus; also headphones are a must especially for this game.
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one cool game is mario and luigi partners in time, mkds, animal crossing wild world, new super mario bros, super mario 64.:)

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Luminous Arc from what I have played(first 5 chapters) is alot of fun I play alot of srpgs and this one so far is really promising. Mario Kart ds I still play it over wifi with friends, don't play random snakers ruin the experience. Ruin factory Harvest moon I have not gotten very far with this on yet but so far it feels very polished and the combat is a nice addition to the series.
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Your choices are correct, only a foolish fool would not recommend buying Phoenix Wright.
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Those are all great choices. I see since you only have an hour a day Hotel Dusk isn't quite the perfect fit (otherwise I'd recommend it. Star Fox Command is an absolutely stellar from any perspective (online Wi-Fi, single player lasting value, and DS quirks.).
So I mean Mario Kart is unofficially the standard for DS online gaming, but Star Fox and Metroid Prime are right there.

IMO if yo've had more than your fair share of time with previous Pokemon games pass on that FOR NOW and go back to it say as a Christmas gift.

Mario Kart DS
, Star Fox Command, and then a straight up DS quirky game like Phoenix Wright (I believe the first was supposed to be better than the second but I think a third is due out soon, I forget haven't kept up on that news), or maybe something like Trauma Center: Under the Knife, etc.. Plenty of unique DS games.
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I actually haven't played a Pokemon game since Pokemon Red came out in '98...I still have some fond memories of that game though.
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3 different games..hmmm

Mario Kart


Mario Bro