what pokemon types have it the worse in the series?

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is the pokemon type spread sheet balance in series? I play the games, but I haven't really notice it . The only ones I know have it bad are ice and dark types but I'm not sure why.

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Right now, Ice types have gotten the short end of the stick. Their moves are great, but Ice types have difficulties surviving online.

I can see Dark types as well, but they're still useful against Ghost and Psychic. Too bad they're weak against Fairy.

Poor Weavile now has six weaknesses. :(

Grass also has a lot of weaknesses (5). Bug would have been more useful if Fairy didn't resist it.

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Back in the day bug type was always the worse. Haven't played the past few games so I'm not sure what the devs have done to tweak it.

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Poison was meh, but now I always have one for the fairys..

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Bug type is generally awful. I love some of the designs but most aren't viable in combat. Although Volcarona absolutely wrecks.

That and poison types have always gotten the short end of the stick.

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I am not sure if I have that feeling because I have never really tried training one into the higher levels, but bug-type Pokémon have always seemed pretty weak to me.

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In general, Bug type. For X and Y, I notice that Dark types are going to have a hard time.