What Nintendo Switch game have you put the most hours into?

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For me, MK8 Deluxe. But, soon it'll most likely be surpassed by AC Switch. (Or whatever the official title will be.)

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Definitely Mario Odyssey.

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ARMS. Seriously, I've put 50 hours into that game.

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BotW, definitely. Although Civ 6 is catching up and will surely pass it

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Skyrim and BOTW. Both are around 140 Hrs

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Tie BoTW and Splatoon 2

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i got 500 hours in splatoon 2

and 150 hours in smash ultimate

i think those are my 2 highest.

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BOTW, 200 hours

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@KBFloYd: Yeah I'm about 500 hours in on MK8 Deluxe. Might be 600 now who knows. :P

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botw obviously

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1. Splatoon 2.

2. Breath of the Wild.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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BOTW clocked at 160 hrs. That will probably be surpassed(from what i hear) by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 once i finally get the chance to lay my hands on it.

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MHGU and Xenoblade 2 would probably be my 2 most played games on the switch.

i have BOTW for the wiiu so that doesnt count for me. If it did it would probably sit between these two though.

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BotW and Splatoon 2.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with over 100 hours, Smash in second with 70 or so.

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Octopath Traveler

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BOTW and MK8

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Mario Odyssey followed by BotW and Minecraft

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Gems of War ... got addicted to that game

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Animal Crossing City Folk. Played almost every day for years.

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@bgres077: I meant Switch titles only. :P

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BotW, cause wasted about an extra 50-100 hours doing nothing all for nothing. But also cause I crammed in Mario Odyssey so I could returned the used copy, so never fully 100% it or Mario Rabbids which I traded in for Evil Within 2 the best game ever.

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@speeny: Breath of the Wild if we're talking Switch only. SSBU is getting close. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe rounds out the top 3.

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BotW and Dragon Quest Builders. I have sunk a well over a hundred hours into both.

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Got my switch last month, so BotW only 100+ hours, but I don't plan to stop playing this masterpiece!

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Odyssey, distantly followed by Mario Maker 2.

My posts are very predictable.

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Coming in at around 500+ hours so definitely has to be BotW.

No clue why but, there's just something more relaxing and fun about it than any other RPG dungeon crawler (and it very much is more an RPG dungeon crawler than anything else) I've ever played so even the fewer (much fewer!) dungeons and side quests just don't seemed to bother me. It should. I mean, I should be bored to tears with that danged game but for whatever reason, it's still fun.

After that, it would probably have to be Diablo 3. Maybe I'm just in a mindless meandering phase? LOL.

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Enter the Gungeon. It’s strangely addictive. Will be Fire Emblem soon.

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Smash and Fire Emblem.

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Over 250 hours in Smash, I’ve been gearing to unlock everything which is just ridiculous how long it takes. I want to get to a semi-competitive level but I’m not sure I would compete seriously cuz it’s even more time consuming I just finally want to master Smash...

I haven’t gotten all the sprites and compelled all the accomplishments. I just unlocked new game + on spirite adventure mode and was able to finally see the full game ending. Basically Gallem and Drakhon both deserve it I guess and “God is dead” in Nintedno fashion.

I’ve definately made some progress with my playing, I’ve gotten at predicting/landing hits and spacing them between opponents to land them correctly.

I want to get to level 9.9 on challenge mode or around there. I’m getting somewhat close I guess, my best was around 7.4 or so in ratings.

I realized that you almost can’t get all the sprites because of the “summoning” feature, but none the less all the 4 and 3 Star or Legend spiritsI guess.

I managed to beat the computer at level 9 though. I also made this crazy level. So I haven’t even begun online mode.


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It's a toss up between Dragon Quest Heroes and Stardew Valley. I've put an embarrassing amount of time into both.

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Diablo 3 is by far my most played Switch game at over 165 hours.

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Either Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Starlink. It's close between those two.