What Nintendo franchises don't you like?

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If I'm honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Star Fox games. Though, I did enjoy Star Fox Adventures even though it's not traditional.

I'll also say that I'm not too big on Metroid games. (It could be due to the fact that I haven't given them a good enough chance. Apart from playing a bit of Prime & Super Metroid.)

I don't know what it is. I guess because for some reason the games feel so isolated in the sense that there's no characters apart from Samus. (That're good at least.) Weird excuse right?

I'd be interested in knowing if some people aren't fans of Mario or Zelda altogether. Pretty rare to come across.

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All of them, apart from older Zelda games.

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I only like the early Kirby games. I don't see anything wrong with gearing the games more towards little kids, but as an adult I'll always fondly remember Adventure and Dream Land 2.

If Yoshi comes up I like him best in the first two Yoshi's Islands and as a buddy in Mario games.

I think Star Fox Command was the only Star Fox game I really enjoyed.

A lot of ppl liked the N64 and Gamecube F-Zero games, but I liked the SNES game and Maximum Velocity.

I'm not big into Animal Crossing, but enjoyed the earlier ones most.

While I enjoy a Donkey Kong Country game now and then, I'm admittedly not as big a fan as most.

Do not like Mario Party at all.

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I never liked Metroid, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing.

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I wouldn't say I downright don't like any of their games, but there are some that just aren't for me... like Smash Bros, Mario Party (liked them when I was younger however), Mario Maker, Splatoon for for example.

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Mario party

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mario tennis (because i suck)
mario strikers (because i suck)
dr mario (because i suck)
chibi robo
pokemon spin offs (pokemon dungeon..etc...)
big brain academy

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@hrt_rulz01: I’m not a Smash Bros fan either. For some reason the games just don’t appeal to me. I’m pretty bad at them also. Lol

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@KBFloYd: Wow Nintendogs died along with the original DS if I remember correctly. I think I played one of the games a few times. Nothing beats a real dog. Lol

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I do not have a Nintendo franchise I dislike as the term "dislike" is a strong term. There are either franchises I like or those that do not interest me. Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, and Fire Emblem, are franchises I like, but for franchises that do not interest me are Wii Sports and the Mario Party. They do not appeal to my gaming tastes.