What do you want to see added in Nintendo Switch's future updates? E.g. Themes/Internet Browser etc.

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1369 posts) -

As said in the title, themes would be a great addition in my opinion. Animated themes? Even better.

Also, It is kind of disappointing that there's no music or no start-up logo animation. (As iconic as the Gamecube let's say.)

It'd also be nice if you were able to categorise the games you own on the dashboard. Just to make it look a little more..."neat."

There's a lot Nintendo could still add but I doubt it'll happen. Especially this far in. I like that's it's straight to the point but it'd just add a little more something if they got creative with future updates.

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#2 Posted by KBFloYd (21617 posts) -

1. a text messaging system between friends.

2. i like how you can see 15 games from your friends and how many hours they played in each game. but id rather be able to see ALL the games they have played.

3. oh and maybe a friend voice chat option just to chat with them if you dont want to text message.

4. expand the friendslist to UNLIMITED friends to be added.

5. Folders for the menu to organize your games

6. netflix... a lot of casuals want this. i dont but hey why not.

7. a web browser... again, some people want it. i dont. but people liked the wiiU one because of the touch screen. switch also has a touch screen so it could be good.

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#3 Posted by Vaidream45 (1767 posts) -

Youtube tv and netflix app.

Fix the dpad on new pro controller

That’s about it. I love my switch but those are my two gripes.

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#4 Posted by Mandzilla (3803 posts) -

Oh man, there's a bunch of things I'd like to see either return or be introduced.

  • Virtual console.
  • Themes.
  • Menu music.
  • Internet browser.
  • More apps.
  • Folders.
  • Miiverse.
  • StreetPass and SpotPass.
  • More communication options for friends.
  • Gamepass. :P

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#5 Posted by Ovirew (8792 posts) -

Miiverse would be a nice addition to Switch

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#6 Posted by Speeny (1369 posts) -

@Ovirew: I never really got into Miiverse. What was the point of it?

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the absolute top priority should be a manual backup system. I should be able to plug in a HDD or USB memory stick into the dock and backup all my downloads and save files and such like.

Having this basic feature stuck behind a paywall is utter nonsense. everything else is window dressing: this is critical functionality. the 3DS can do it. i think the wiiu can do it. Every other system by other companies can do it. why is it not on the switch?

other things that would be nice:

  • Themes would be sweet.
  • a nice menu jingle.
  • Netflix
  • Folders (or a way to zoom out....or both.). I like the way i have my 3DS setup. I have zoomed out as far as i can on the lower screen and just arranged the icons how i like.

To be honest i dont want them to add a ton of features as that would be bloat. Just a few bits tidied up here and there and backups...please nintendo backups.

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#8 Posted by Ovirew (8792 posts) -

@speeny: so it's kind of like dedicated game forums for every game on the system, and people could draw pictures and stuff and post them to Miiverse forums.

Miiverse was pretty active on 3DS.

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#9 Posted by RSM-HQ (8111 posts) -

Virtual console is long gone so will keep it realistic.

A real chat feature built into the Switch system_

That is all.

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#10 Posted by dzimm (5297 posts) -

I'm honestly baffled that we haven't seen anything more than the basic light and dark themes.

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#11 Posted by Speeny (1369 posts) -

@dzimm: Yeah it’s pretty disappointing.

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#12 Posted by xantufrog (11017 posts) -

Yes, physical backups is a must. What a ridiculous situation they have us in.

Otherwise not much. Wouldn't mind themes. More organizational principles to the E-shop

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#13 Posted by bgres077 (12621 posts) -

The ability to jump into chat or a party with friends and play online games. It's very difficult to just jump into an online game when you see a friend start playing the same game.

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#14 Posted by Speeny (1369 posts) -

@xantufrog: Yeah I definitely don't trust Nintendo with my saves.

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#15 Posted by Speeny (1369 posts) -

@bgres077: In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you're usually able to join the race with your friend. But, sometimes, it doesn't let you and throws you into a random lobby. Lol

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#16 Edited by BitJetKit (7 posts) -

I think I want screenshot and zoom functions with YouTube. And a Web browser with screenshot and zoom functions.