What are the best Nintendo Switch accessories?

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What are the best Nintendo Switch accessories?

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spare dock - so you dont have to plug in the ac adaptor on all your tvs.

pro controller - for many games will be more comfortable

case - something to carry it around with you.

joycon charger - something that lets you charge your joycons seperately so you dont have to connect them to the switch everytime you want to charge

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@KBFloYd: I agree will all of these. I'd also like to add that if you don't want to spend a lot of money for a pro controller (they are about $60 USD) then the HORIPAD for Nintendo Switch are a good alternative. They are wired and lack the RFID support but for under $20 USD they are in my opinion just as comfortable as the pro controller and they are licensed by Nintendo. They also have a cool swappable d-pad that can let you physically switch between connected and four separate buttons for the directional controls. If you really want wireless controllers, the PowerA series are also a good choice, slightly cheaper than the official Nintendo pro controllers, and have some pretty cool designs.

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A case was the best thing I invested in. Plus, a screen protector. (Even though it's cheap, it still does the job fine.)

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The charging dock that holds 4 joy cons. You'll want spare joy cons for friends. Get 2 extra sets. Your switch can always charge the original set.

The pro controller isn't an accessory. It is a necessity. Get two extra grips. I got nice ones with a firm rubber grip on the back and everyone has a facsimile of a pro controller.