What are some of the best games on the Wii U Eshop?

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What are some of the best games on the Wii U eshop? I got a $50 eshop card and was wondering what game or games I should buy next, right now I have Trine 2, The Cave, Nano Assault Neo, Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition, Puddle, Ducktales, Toki Tori, Kung Fu Rabbit, Wii Fit U free with out meter, Wii Sports Club free trial only, Balloon Fight, Fzero, Punch Out, Kirby's Adventure, Donkey Kong, Super Metroid, Tank Tank Tank, Zen Pinball 2, Super Mario 3D World, Mass Effect 3, Need for speed Most Wanted U, Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed, Batman Armored Edition, New Super Luigi U, Nintendo Land.

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seems like you have most things worth owning aside from some retail games like Pikmin, 101, asscreed 4, batman and others.

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knytt underground

Q.u.b.e (will be out soon)

if you like where's waldo games...check out "spot the differences" its only 3$

on the virtual console you need earthbound...its the first time ever released officially for download.

edit: oh and pokemon rumble U is cool if you like pokemon...theres little figures you can by also that are real cute and stuff.

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Gianna Sisters is cool