We need another Yoshi's Island or Luigi's Mansion

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Of course we've gotten sequels to both these games within the past year.

What I mean is that Nintendo needs to give us more games *like* these.

High quality, first party games that utilize their most popular IPs in novel ways.

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Yoshi's New Island was high quality? I thought it received many mixed reviews. Of course those reviews are other people's opinions, but the majority agrees that New Island is a pretty mediocre game. It would be great to see more franchises get new games, especially those that have not been touched in a decade, but I hope they're not as "bland" as Yoshi's New Island, as many claim it to be.

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Luigi's Mansion was a blast to play. However, Yoshi's New Island has gotten mixed to low reviews (as mentioned by ANIMEguy10034), which is cause for great concern. The original Yoshi's Island was one of the highest rated games of the SNES.

Luigi's Mansion had one of the funnest art designs I've ever seen. Ya I believe it was made by a Canadian company that Nintendo has recruited to be a second party if I'm not mistaken.

But I agree with TC, we need more games as such.

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Right, I'm not saying anything about Yoshi's NEW Island, or even Luigi's Mansion 2 (which i liked).

I'm just saying that the originals were both examples of Nintendo using their IP in interesting, surprising ways.

I don't think anyone expected to be playing as Yoshi, guarding a baby Mario, throwing eggs in crayon drawn environments for Super Mario World 2.

Similarly nobody thought that the first GameCube "Mario" game would feature Luigi unable to jump, and exploring a haunted mansion.

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Oh I see what you're saying OP. Yeah, it's interesting when Nintendo finds ways to branch out existing IPs and form those sort of spin-off games with them.

Or spiritual successors, even - I think a lot of people would agree that Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk helped revitalize the interactive suspense novel genre after years of decline. I think we can all agree that even seeing a long-abandoned form of gameplay make a comeback can be refreshing.

I could name quite a few existing IPs that have been dormant for a while, and are deserving of a sequel. Super Mario Sunshine, Odama, Eternal Darkness, Doshin the Giant... I think those are all some games that could benefit from sequels with modern technology.

It's hard to predict what Nintendo could or will do with their IPs, though. How many people expected Nintendo to take Mario's bizarro-land nemesis from Super Mario Land 2 and make him the star of the series for the third game? How many people expected Wario to then branch off and get his own microgame series? I would have never figured it.

It sounds like a lot of interesting ideas like this happen over the course of development, and kind of stem from one or two other ideas. With Luigi's Mansion I think they probably wanted to make a game about a haunted mansion, and then they probably thought Boos would look cool if they were neon and glowy... Then they probably figured that Luigi would make a good hero for the game since he isn't as well-known and praised as Mario, and he needs to prove himself a bit more.

Then in the case of Starfox Adventures, the game originally had nothing to do with Starfox - they just threw those characters in there to help make it more interesting. But still, maybe that was a good idea. Dinosaur Planet might not have sold people on a Starfox game that isn't a flight-sim, but then wouldn't it be more interesting if Fox and his teammates could emerge from ships to battle on foot, and commandeer different kinds of vehicles?

We just gotta keep hoping that someone else brainstorms and gets a lightning bolt.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn can be another example. It originally was not a Kirby game, and although it lacked Kirby's signature inhale mechanic, it was still one of the most adorable and creative games of the last generation.

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I think they've already done a lot of new ideas on 3DS. Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo/Crashmo, Steel Diver/Steel Diver Subwars, Sakura Samurai, etc. I would expect them to keep coming. Heck, we just got a Chibi Robo AR spin off this year too.

You could argue that somehow Steel Diver takes place in the Star Fox universe since Peppy is in Subwars and makes remarks about Star Fox. I know, that's a stretch but hey, if its in the SF universe it works as what you're saying!

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I completely get where you're coming from. Although in looking forward to the games we've come to expect like mk8, smash bros and animal crossing. Im always hoping for some real innovation from Nintendo. I remember the first time i saw the likes of Pikmin or luigis mansion. That's why im hoping for one or two new IPs to be announced this year. Or at least creative spin offs as you've suggested.

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Yeah, they need something new and fresh. I love their franchises, but they need something new for sure. I'll be the first to eat up SSB and MK, but it would be nice if they either created a new IP or made a familiar franchise new and exciting. Easier said than done of course.

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Pretty much agree with the above two posters.

I think a major fear Nintendo has is that if they release a new IP, people will forgot about/play less of their well known franchises. I think Nintendo is very fond of the 80s and 90s franchises and wants them to be experienced as much as possible.

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I was surprised Nintendo didn't re-release Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS with the originally 3D effects added in. This would have been great for the year of Luigi. The Gamecube was going to have 3D capabilities. That must have been what the unused "serial Port 2" was on the Gamecube consoles with the AV port DoL 100 Gamecube. Nintendo was famous for their useless ports on their North American consoles.

A 3D Luigi's Mansion would have been great. So maybe a 3rd installment will happen. An Yoshi's Island for Wii U would also be a great game. But it is unlikely to happen.

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I completely agree.

Maybe they can achieve that by giving their IPs to some trustworthy third-parties to see what they might come up with.

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don't trust reviewers. just try the game yourself, and if you do, but yoshis new island and luigi manson are great games. maybe not the best ever, but great none the less.

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@Meinhard1: I'd like to see a proper sequel to Luigi's Mansion on Wii U, with a return to an open mansion.

I was one of the few people who wasn't impressed with Dark Moon.

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@Pierst179: Maybe! I mean that's what they're doing with Hyrule Warriors. (Of course it's debatable if Tecmo Koei is trustworthy, they're certainly consistent)

With Grezzo's Ocarina of Time remake, Arzest's Yoshi's New Island and NLG's Luigi's Mansion 2, though they seem to be using second/third parties for a lot of sequels. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if it results in great games (Luigi's Mansion 2) or frees up Nintendo's other studios.

It would be nice to see some more interesting approaches with Nintendo's first party projects.

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Screw Yoshi's Island! Give me another Yoshi Story!...

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YEah I would like Ninty to do something with their lesser known IPs. Here's the thing, too. Smash Bros is like mega popular, right? And the game is basically an advertisement for all of Niintendo's franchises. I mean, for Christ's sake, Cpt. Falcon has been in every single Smash Bros game thus far (and will likely return in Universe) and how many F Zero games have there been? I can think of three off the top of my head. The NES one, the N64 one and the GC one. They have done next to nothing with that series. And it's not just F Zero. There are others that they could revive but choose not to, and it's frustrating.