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I have gotten a used 3DS, it wasnt in its box or anything, though it was working perfectly. After getting it, I played super street fighter IV, it was nice. but later then i went to use the internet on it, and it said that it needed a PIN, and i cant reset, i cant use the internet, i cant format, i cant do anything and it just gives me an inquiry key, and i should call them, i went and tried to call them, but it said that the number I dialed is wrong (I live in kuwait) and i need a way to hard reset it all the way back o factory settings, to like, how it was, and just like i just bought it so yeah. any advice?

thanks in advance dudes.

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Not sure what can be done for you. When I traded in my wife's 3DS towards a 3DSXL for here the Gamestop store actually called me at home to ask me for the pin so they could reset the console to its factory standard. If game store operative have no idea how to circumvent the PIN I do not know if it is possible. Maybe call Nintendo directly?

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Try emailing Nintendo directly and ask them what you can do. It's your best bet.
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You'll have to call Nintendo.
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If you forgot both your PIN and the answer to your secret question, tap the "I Forgot" option at the bottom of the input for the secret question. You will be provided with an "Inquiry Number" that you must enter at Nintendo's Customer Service site. When your Inquiry Number is entered correctly on Nintendo's Customer Service site, you'll be given the option to join a live chat with Customer Service, or you can call Nintendo's Technical Support hotline at 1-800-255-3700. You will need your Inquiry Number to obtain a master password key from the representative on the telephone.