Try to beat my pokemon x team!!

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Blastoise with mega stone



Let's see if anyone here can beat this team LOL

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That sounds like a pretty decent team.

I'm not sure if you're looking for someone to actually battle you online though, or if you're just looking for someone to come up with a better team.

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I won't mind having a battle. What's your friend code? Mine is on my sig below.

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Lucario - Mega Stone


Ampharos - Mega Stone

Aggron - Mega Stone

Charizard - Mega Stone X or Y


I have every Megastone and Pokémon that can Mega Evolve so I bring a few into battle just to cover anything I need or catch people off guard.

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No real Pokemon players would use a Special Pokemon like Xerneas. Just to let you know. This team is totally beatable. Not even quite the charm. Anyone on the Seribii forums could take you out hands down. As for me I dont "hardcore" pokemon anymore but go on and challenge players. I guarantee you're defeated :)

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The second I saw a legendary pokemon, I didn't take you seriously anymore.

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@nini200: there's nothing wrong with using legendaries as they get used at the vgcs.

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They're in the game, I don't see why legendaries are still considered to be cheap. It's not like every non-legendary is on equal footing - I doubt many competitive players would have caterpies and pachirisus on their team.

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Now that we have mega evolution, it's fairly easy to take down legendaries. I've won countless battles against people using the usual Mewtwo, Xerneas/Yveltal, and Zygarde with a Jolteon and Gengar.