Transferring Games Between SD Cards

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How does one transfer individual games between different SD cards? A long while back I pulled everything from the card the system comes with and cut/pasted them wholesale onto a larger card, which worked fine and all, but it recently occured to me that I want to be able to store individual games on my SD card and others in my computer temporarily.

Looking at the files themselves, I have absolutely no idea how to determine something like Scribblenauts from Paper Mario. Which is a real problem, because where I can see myself playing Scribblenauts at any random interval for prettymuch the entire lifespan of the 3ds itself, Paper Mario will likely end up only taking up space once I reach the end credits. So how (besides blind trial and error) do I determine which nigh unintelligible string of digits corresponds to what game?

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You can just delete the games from using the 3DS itself. It's under data management in system settings. I am not sure if you can keep your saves or anything like that. Data management on 3DS is much more a pain than it should be.

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I wouldn't want to delete them completely off my card without having my own backup somewhere easily accessible.