To those who played Zelda a Link Between Worlds..

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This was my first Zelda game and I think I'm pretty far into it, just acquired my 4th some of the elements of this game remind you of a ps1 game Brave Fencer Musashi?

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are you saying zelda a link between worlds and a link to past are rip offs of a playstation game?

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I haven't heard of Brave Fencer Musashi so I did a bit of research. Zelda games have had RPG elements for a very long time so it's possible to make connections with RPG games, but from what I gathered, ALBW and BFM do not have that many similarities. Both have a sword wielding protagonist and you have to solve puzzles with the skills you gain to progress through the story. BFM's focus on its day-night cycle makes it more similar to Majora's Mask than ALBW, but since ALBW was your first Zelda game, no one should have expected you to know that.

That's pretty much the only thing I got from researching a bit. Would you mind telling us a bit more similarities between the two games? Anything I missed/couldn't find online? Explain your reasoning?

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As far as graphics-wise, I guess maybe a little bit.

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nah im not saying its a rip off if anything it was refreshing to play zelda because it reminded me of the ps1 classic..

the people being trapped in crystals was probably the biggest similarity between the two along with other things animeguy mentioned

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I have played and finished Brave Fencer Musashi on the PS1 and this Zelda is nothing like it. In fact both games are worlds apart

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I actually find it funny that you played Zelda because it reminded you for a PS1 game. In many cases, it's the other way around like someone getting into another game like Okami because it reminded them of Zelda.