The new Nintendo Switch

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So I wanted to ask, how does everyone feel about Nintendo releasing a new Switch this year? What differences do you think there will be? Do you think a price change is coming soon? Would love opinions on this?

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@itsdj13: I heard that it's going to be more affordable. (So, I'm guessing the specs won't be any better?) I'm happy with everything it's got right now but...a better battery life would be nice.

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option A: mini switch.

smaller screan. non removable controllers (size of new switch mini with controllers would be about the same as the switch size now without controllers connected)

this would be my favorite option since I like portable devices and switch is too big hence I end up playing more on my new 3ds for being much more portable and fitting in my pockets while switch dont fit.

option B: screan with better image quality. not really necessary in my opinion but some people seem to believe it.

option c: switch pro. better cpu gpu and screan for higher price

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No new Switch. The hardware is fine. Focus on games.

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I just hope it’s a smaller version of itself. I can’t stand playing in handheld mode with a bigger console. That said, I don’t think a new redesign will happen.

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@speeny: I agree that the only thing that really needs to change is the battery life for handheld mode.

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@dzimm: I can agree with that. Probably just a better battery

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Not going to happen. The current model is selling like gangbusters they would not undermine their own market by selling a cheaper version of the Switch.

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If they make a "switch mini" that can't connect 2 tv, would it still b a switch?