The #lynelchallenge! Can you beat the Great Plateau Lynel BEFORE activating the 1st Tower?

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TLoZ: Breath of the Wild just turned 2 years old and I found myself engaged again because this awesome challenge I found somewhere in Youtube. It's great because you don't need to invest a lot of time in the adventure to face it, just start a new game in Master Mode and do your best to defeat the hardest enemy in the game with whatever you find. I managed to kill him in just 3:20 with no damage and without missing a single hit! (I think that's a world record! =D ). Here's my take on it:


1. Beat the Great Plateau Lynel in Master Mode without activating the 1st tower.

2. Only basic/standard weapons (no elemental/explosive/ancient weapons allowed).

3. Other "ways" of beating the Lynel different than pure combat are not valid (like, you know, making it fall through the border).

For EXTRA challenge! (1): You can't receive damage!

For EXTRA challenge! (2): Missing a single hit/shot means loosing the challenge! =)

This game (and enemy) just keeps giving and giving, so post your videos taking on the challenge so we can make the wait for the next fully 3D LoZ easier! =D

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@Zarkho: I didn't remember a Lynel being on the Great Plateau, so it must only appear in the Master Mode huh?

Things to look out for when I start playing BotW again.