Switch sleep mode and turning off power.

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So I recently got a switch, which I have connected to a power strip, I just wonder when I turn of the power strip during night could it damage my switch if it is in sleep mode when I cut off it's power.

Thank you! :)

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No, that won't damage it. That will (very slowly) drain the battery, since sleep mode =/= truly off. But as long as you don't fully drain it dead, that won't harm the battery appreciably. They probably shouldn't be plugged in all the time either, but I think honestly none of this matters in a meaningful way any more. These devices have smart charging circuits and are meant to be used in a variety of ways (played while docked, etc). So my opinion is don't sweat it. It'll need a new battery eventually, no matter what we do - and at that point we'll likely just buy a Switch 2 or 3 instead :-P

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@xantufrog: Great :D thank you for the answer!

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@knausene: oh thing it might do is come out of sleep when the power is cut (because it will think it's undocked). But it should fall back asleep if idle

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Switch actually enters sleep mode rather quickly when idle I've noticed so you shouldn't have an issue with battery