Switch might get not 1, but 2 new models.

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Kotaku published an article this morning, fueling a new rumor that the Nintendo Switch will be getting a new system model this year after all. And not only that, but two new models.

Reportedly one of the new versions of the Switch will be higher-end, suggested to be not-quite-as-powerful-as a PS4 Pro or an XBOX One X. Still, that suggests something slightly less intensive, which would still be a noticeable upgrade to the existing Switch console.

The second model will reportedly be a cheaper model with omitted features, and more of a successor to the 3DS.

And supposedly these will be announced at E3 2019.

Just weeks ago Nintendo refuted rumors that a new Switch model was in production...but they did so kind of vaguely. Maybe they were banking on the loophole that no, a new Switch system wasn't in the works, but two are.

It makes sense though. When a new Pokemon game is on the way, Ninty tends to like to sneak out new system models around that time to capitalize on the series. And by releasing a cheaper Switch the company could more realistically realize its goals of putting multiple Switch systems in each household.

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I guess GS actually did post this earlier, they got the news from Wallstreet Journal:


So yeah, multiple articles now. Maybe this is true.

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We've been hearing these rumours of new Switch models for a while now, so we'll see if it turns out to be true... I'd probably be up for a more powerful Switch. It's interesting that these rumours suggest it'll be a total redesign, not just a power upgrade. I just hope that things like the Pro controller and other accessories will be compatible (surely it will be).

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@hrt_rulz01: Yeah I did sort of notice that too. It's interesting because they were like, "If you're expecting it to be an upgrade similar to the PS4 Pro or revisions of the PS Vita, you're not on the right track." (paraphrasing.)

So once again people just...don't know what Nintendo is doing with these new versions of the Switch. It's a lot like a few weeks ago when Nintendo filed a patent for VR, and nobody was sure how that would work...and now we know, it's the Labo VR. I guess with Nintendo it's really hard to accurately predict things based off of rumors.

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@Ovirew: Yeah... it would surprise me if it's a total redesign, because then you'd assume that the current joycons won't attach to the new version.

Anyway, like you said, who knows with Nintendo.

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More than likely it's just better hardware and better battery life on the gamer edition and a more streamlined "mini" variation on the handheld portion of the console. I may consider buying the mini as long as Nintendo dosen't allow companies to only produced certain games on the pro edition of the console. Otherwise the Wii U and the other ten Nintendo consoles I can play will have more than enough content to keep me satisfied.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

We've been hearing these rumours of new Switch models for a while now...

Yeah, pretty much since the day the Switch was released!

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I learned not to get excited by rumors after the whole Metroid Prime Trilogy HD fiasco. It is pretty interesting though.

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It looks like Nintendo is taking the DS & 3DS route with the Switch. Treating it like the handheld it is. Coolyfett bought a Nintendo 2DS just to set up a Nintendo Network ID and lock down the Online ID, then Nintendo allowed users to create a Nintendo Account without needing Nintendo Hardware so Coolyfett just synced the Nintendo Network ID with the Nintendo Account. Coolyfett may get the cheaper option for some Nintendo exclusives and then sell it later.

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I guess we'll have to wait and see. I don't really see the need for an upgrade tbh. If anything it needs a better battery life though.