Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online 3v1 match? Anyone else encounter this?

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Had this happen the other night then a few matches later I switch to Dr Mario and had a 3v Me match..which could have been karma from the Spike at the end lol anyone else run in this online?

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I haven't played enough online matches, but the other month I was playing with my online friend and his buddies, and it was an open room.

A really good Donkey Kong player joined and played us for a few matches, and he/she was really good. Had this trick where they would grab us and jump off the edge of the stage, throw us at the bottom of the stage in a way that would make it difficult to recover, and somehow flew back to the stage, just reaching the edge before they were too low.

I also had this nightmare match on the Game & Wario Gamer stage, where a Pokémon Trainer and one other player completely annihilated me in an every-man-for-himself match. Once they started getting assist trophies, it became rough.