Super Nintendo SCART cable help

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So, I was watching some youtube videos and got intrigued by the SCART cable on the older systems on how much better the image quality is compared to the composite cable (Yellow, Red and White). SCART format were never available on US, only Europe and Japan. So today, I order this cable from ebay for my US Super Nintendo model.

SCART cable

Since my TV doesn't have SCART input, I also ordered this converter box (SCART to HDMI).

Converter Box (SCART to HDMI)

After ordering this, I found out that the European SCART cable is different then the Japanese one, not the connections though, the difference is the wiring inside, so now I'm worried that I may have ordered a wrong item. From what I can tell, I think I ordered the cable right, the description is that the cable is for US Super Nintendo and Japanese Famicom, since the seller is from Europe, my guess is that SCART connection is for European TVs. My question now is that if that converted box (SCART to HDMI) is for the European SCART cable or the Japanese one.

So is that anyone that uses this setup that can tell me more about it?