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I was thinking it would be kool for nintendo to start a MMORPG based on the mushroom kingdom as shown in the rpg type mario games

Races could be like:

Koopa Trooper






Classes could turn ur koopa trooper into like that little witch or a paratrooper. Give your boo king boo status. Turn ur Toad into an enginer that makes spaceships. Make your yoshi be able to carry a party members and get wings. And they could finaly explore and get deeper into Shyguys.

You could get weapons and equipment like FLUUD and the Poltergust 3000 and explore from the dry dry desert to delfino island

The Story kould chronicle a time wear key players like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and bowser are no where to be found and the kingdom is lost in confusion.

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it would be interesting
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im sure people said the same thing when some1 said nintendo would have a motion sensing system. u should know nintendo will try almost anything at least once

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My brain fried from the inside out just looking at the title of this thread. O.o
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I don't think we need an MMORPG for this type of game. How bout an RPG that includes all Nintendo Characters and their worlds. Kind of like what EGM used for their April Fools joke last year... I don't need to mention it again...
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A Mario game without Mario in it-I don' t think so.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool though, even to have any mmorpg on the wii.

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An MMORPG on the Wii...a great idea...

An MMORPG featuring the Mushroom Kingdom...not so much...

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Interesting...but no thanks...

and please spell check next time :?

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i personaly would love the idea, but instead of haveing mario luigi peach and all of them mising in action, have them fighting but this time bowser is to strong, thay need the help of the kingdom, then it goes into a runeskape/mario/pokemon kind of thing, chose your race out of these yoshi toad koopa goomba pinta noki shyguy beanbean ect. and there would also be TONS of classes like solder cook train cunducter teacher ect. AND you could have bio upgrads like fire (species) water (species) flying (species) spiked (species) you could also inrole in clans, each with there own army and on the good or bad side of the war on bowser, and some inbetween, here are the ones i have come up with Bowsers army (avalable to koopas, goombas, ect.) shyguy army (avalable to everyone) and the mushroom kingdom army (avalable to koopas, yoshi, and toads.) and each species will have there own male and female versions yoshi/birdo koopa/girlkoopa goomba/goomba (thay have no distinked difference, other than makeup!) toad/toadet shyguy/shyguy (no difference, not even makeup) ect. AND thay will all have there own powers and stuff koopas, you can go in your shell and move or shoot (eather biped or quadraped, you chose) like that, ANNNND you get to travle over the ENTIRE mushroom kingdom, that includes lava lava island, yoshi island, yoster island, isle delphino, and all the other sub areas, even the clouds and other planets like the moon and stuff, but not to meany planets, just the moon and maby the yoob planet, \ if this works out right it will be g rated and as addicting as world of warcraft, i also thing there should be races, and all sorts of good stuf so in the end its like THE ULTAMENT MARIO GAME!!!!! il add in more later.
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Mario Pirate RTS. With Blizzard. Go.
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sounds pretty dumb... I'd rather see a story line put to mario, rather than star collecting, and have it as an open world adventure with stuff to collect as well kinda like the way the jak games did it, but mario's gameplay (cos mario's WAAAAAY better)
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ok sorry had to do some stuf, now to continue cus i have thaught up some other stuf the curency would be coins witch you could get by going into zones of levels, there should be like 30 zones with like 100 levels eatch, so you can take your time, plus there should be a compleatly HUGE world outside of the level zones, with other players, countless buildings and citys, castles, everything, also every clan has its own leader and castle/bace, along with all captured castles and stuff, shyguy army are open to eny and every person to strangthen there army, thay are also nutral in the war between the others, thay rule the shyguy toybox and have the most advanced technicle stuf, expect spears, an aray of weapons and vehicles, and a lot of chaceing down shyguys if you want to fight them, or join them, thay also have the best money misions, misions were you get mony for comepleating them there leader is general guy, level 200 (max) mushroom kingdom i think that thay would rule the entire mushroom kingdom with bowser haveing his own island or domain or something but these guys have an absoute ARMY of toads and a princess, but she mostly just gives orders thay have the best military, or rather the most hily trained and the strongest will of all the others. there leader is princess (peach) toadstool, level 200 (max) bowsers domain the almighty koopa king rules this place, along with the domain comes the best offence of all the teams, plus the abbility to use cannons the cool little white cups with the clown faces on them, and WONDERFULL armor, but dont expect to get mutch money here, onoly level powerups, the stores also cost a ton, but if your looking for a chalange, ore your evil and want to join him, comje check it out! there leader is the koopa (bowser) king, level 200 (max) plus you could join other clans but these clans are not the BEST OF THE BEST like the bowser domain clan or the mushroom kingdom clan, these will be the main clans for when you just start. yoshi clan these guys own all the small islands and are pritty friendly to all other clans except the bowsers domain clan, there leader is the 12 cheiftans each governing over a different part of the ocians and islands, these guys are onoly open to yoshis to join but will let others have misions from them, except bowsers domain clan. there leaders are the 12 yoshi cheiftin, each a different color all level 200 (max) boos clan aaa the facanating boo clan, this clan works alongside the shyguy clan and the bowsers domain clan, helping make ideas for the shyguys and doing bag jobs for the bowsers domain clan, thay are onoly open to boos but alow enyone to do misions for them (except the mushroom kingdom people) there leader is king boo level 200 (max) thoes are the onoly ones i haver come up with yet but now im going to take time to tell you about my charicter, and all of the bookmark levels Name:singi species: yoshi level 10 bio upgrade: normal level 20 bio upgrade: normal level 30 bio upgrade: normal level 50 bio upgrade: fire level 100 bio upgrade: fire, flying level 150 bio upgrade: fire/water, flying And so on, thats all for now il add more later.
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It's a neat thought, but I think Zelda and Pokemon would make for better MMO material.

Surely people have heard my thoughts about the Zelda MMO set in the world of OOT.

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a zelda mmo would be neat alright, but this is the topic of a super mario mk mmorpg, il check your blog about the zelda later for now i just thaught up a cool new idea every one gets there own level and castle, witch you can make a house or just something to work on, or both personaly i think it should be kinda complex, you chose the backround, style of ground, enamys, boxes, and then design the inside of the castle, a fortress, a house whatever, and you can add all sorts of things, even chose camera movemonet, water, temporary powerups, plus you get specal building tools baced on your clan, like shyguys you get the toybox style and all sorts of vehicles and weapons for yoru house, bowser you get bullet bills and cannons and fire, and lava ect. i also think you should have "type chat" were you just type to chat, but no swareing, ANNDD yo ushould be able to buy vehicles, cars for movement and races, boats so you dont half to pay tons for stuf, and upgrades for them, cannons to fend off shyguy pyrats ect. and you should get to slightly costumize yoru charictor, new outfits and abbilitys unlock with every 10 levels, but i think you shouldent get spaceships, leave that to the toad bregade, ANNNNNNNNDDDD you should get temp powerups, like a fire flower TEMPORARLY turns you fire, ect. and i think every clan gets a bregade or fleet that isent exactly for that clan but hails there name, like the toad bregade, the koopa land shokers (or something) the goomba bros, ect. i say ect alot, sorry lil add more yet later if i need to of feel like it.
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No, please. :cry:

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ok im back for the 4th and hopefuly final time to clear up some stuf, i think you should also edit backround tiles in the house/level editor cus i mean, like whats the point of haveing indors if the sky is behind it so ya, but also i think thay should have "tv tiles" that play an image that you upload because then i could put up a stuped mario brothers theme song video, and choseing music would me nice, pluss i think that the max level a non administrator can get too is 199 witch is a prince boo, koopa kid, prince toad, super koopa troopa, ect. and it would have a continuing storyline like starwars galaxy has, not the starwars part, just the story line capeablity part, and a content creator, you could draw something, or digitaly create it using a given editor and send it in to the main administrator, he could then use it in a sub story quest or something. i could just imagen , a level 199 super koopa fighing for bowser assults the mushroom kingdom, and all the level 100 and up noobs scater, lawl. thats prity mutch it, that and a ranking system, other sutch content users, and castle assult mini games! Thanks for takeing the time to read my comments, seriosly thank you i know it was long, PEICE
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HI GUYS got a new idea, a new class and species and stuf!

X-nauts!!!!! thay could keep there moon base and have classes lik scientest solder elete, technition ect.

the scientests get level-ups by inventing new potions and selling them to other players, the potions the player could create would increace as the player went up in level, witch would mean you could have invisibility potions at level 100 and temp-fire potions at level 50

for the solders, thay have acess to the armory and traing area, thay could level up and buy wepons,

if your an elete, your in charge of reporting suspicios behavior, vile behavior, ect, like an admin sorta, plus you get unique powers, and discounts

there leader is grodious

level 200 (max)

other than that i think it sould have rpg battle style, wate wate.... OYA the x nauts

thay could also be the technitions for the vehicles in the game other than the toad ones

il add more bios like this later

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#19 Posted by shoryuken_ (3420 posts) -

do i really want to travel the mushroom kingdom? ehhhh

i'd rather have a pokemon mmorpg, that would be amazing

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Well, we all remember Wintry_Flutists' thread about where "Reggie" asked what developers we would would like to see working with Nintendo on future products.

I'm really surprised Nintendo hasn't (themselves, or collaborated) with a company to make an equivlent to Kingdom Hearts yet. Especially with the market of that in JP.

Maybe we'll see that

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It would be neat, if done correctly. Everyone having their own castle is a little excessive, buying one later in the game would make sense though. And Mario could easily be in it, all the his characters for that matter, as NPC's of course. You could rent or own Yoshis/karts to ride, even when in a group, team up with a fellow yoshi and ride them around. Random blocks, dang... a lot of content could be squeezed in. Human classes could include: Plumber (high melee) Fire Plumber (maybe like a Ranger class) Racoon Mario (Thief class) with tanooki suit as secondary class With that said, you could just have multiple base classes: plumber(warrior) thief, mage, then use the variations of mario forms as sub classes. Even pulling from Mario RPG for race and class content, after all Geno WAS a ranger (Star Guardian) Mallow was a mage, Bowser was Warrior(barbarian), Peach a cleric, if you break it down Mario fits into a Paladine. Ha, it could work! Holy crap, with all the skeletal creatures in mario, you could even fit in a necro class. Hammers and umbrellas as melee weapons, turtle shells as range. Perhaps make it where collecting a star gives you an automatic lvl. The quest list could be endless. Shops galore. Item creation out the wazoo, overalls, hats, shoes, capes are to name a few. I can actually see it, raids being planned on Exor. There are plently of bosses to beef up for clan callaborations. I could go on forever, after all, the Mario universe is endless. It ends now of course, but wait till our grandchildren are born. Like I said, it could be done, they made one out of Final Fantasy, I paid to play it. Something to mull over I suppose.
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You forgot the most important player race...Italians

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How about one where... Races: Koopa Goomba Shy Guy Lakitu Classes: Normal[the exact same thing as the first mario game created with your race] Thwomp[basicly, barbarian] Dino[gets a yoshi at level 10.yoshi can eat and make eggs that you can a normal with that, but has less atk def and speed] Dry Bones[basicly, necromacer] FireFlower[basicly,fire mage] Mushroom[basicly, warrior] then also the three different epics[each epic is a dfferent huge group that is against other epics] Mushroom kingdom: This epic has lots of def[defense bonus +50 for joining] also, has two leaders [mario lvl 255 max and peach lvl 255 max] very hard to penetrate, as some of the toads[toads, are the cant pick them.they take sides on the epics depending on how much quests get done by th epics]are on the mushroom kingdoms side. Yoshi Mountains The Very Fast Yoshis[+ 50 speed] were with mushroom kingdom, until mario got made at the yoshi leaders for letting boswer get peach.[of course, mario got her back.]so th yoshis went to the mountains near the toads homeland, and they have became good friends.The toads are mostly on yoshis side.the yoshi leaders are: Rainbow Yoshi lvl255 max rainbow birdo lvl 255 max. Bowser Castle the mighty dry bones are here [+ 50 atk] and if you are a dry bones, you are forced to be in this epic.The Leader is: Bowser:lvl300[over 255 because one leader.]bowser had banished all magikoopas for letting mario get peach back, so the magikoopas went to the toads and dont take sides.Bowser Castle never has had and never will, have any toads on their side. Toad Village The small village is a huge issue to bowser. they attack every day.if you buy toad armor with 100 coins[alot] you can sneak in bowser castle, attack a dry bones, put on its bones, and proceed to bowser.Now notice that he has two lvl 200 gaurds,so kill them and put on there armor.go into bowsers room ans atk. ???STAR?CLOUDS??? Star Clouds is a wonderful place of really good stars [+100 atk def speed] the only way to go there, is to get someone lvl255 and you unlock a new class [star] it makes you a luma and you start at the grand[like toads take sides but only if a leader is defeted of mushroom kingdom bowser castle or yoshi mountains.then you have one visit there.while your there try to buy there +1000 def armor witch is 600 coins.the luma class is basicly a normal luma. leader: Rosalina lvl would need a large amount of lvl 255's to beat rosalina.f you beat rosalina, and loot, you find: Star Power +1M armor but theres only one per account.and the 1M gets divided to all other characters on your account. even when you make one after you get the armor.many more ideas would be put but ive been typing for 30 mintes lol
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and the 1M would be shared with freinds on your freind list and lowered50,000 if you visit the place again.
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dude italians?this is mario were talking about
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oh my god my brain just got RRoD... no.
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No, thanks. I'd rather have a new Paper Mario game in the vein of the first two, Super Paper Mario wasn't what I expected.

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i see what your would be weird, but possible and fun.i would be fine if someone could hack a wow realm into would be hard.
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i'll buy it asap!
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I hate MMORPGs

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I can't say that this excites me to much. I just can't see it working. Maybe if it included all of Nintendo's franchises...
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you mean like a kindom hearts related game but only nintendo?
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first there isnt enough content in the mushroom kingdom to support millions of different characters. 2nd, a RTS involving the mushroom kingdom, and other nintendo IPs with heros and large armies of gumba or toads or even hyrule soliders or space pirates would be a better idea. Neither of which will ever happen, or alteast while i'm gaming.
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Mario's been in enough online games already. I think it would be cool if the next Mario RPG was in the vein of Super Mario RPG, but in full 3D. It should look as least as good as Super Mario Galaxy. And, Yoshi should be a playable character. Maybe Mario could have a flashback to the time that Yoshi helped him as a baby in Yoshi's Island, then Mario comes to his senses and repents of all the times he has dismounted Yoshi in order to save himself......
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it would be interestingHairyBeast87
Interesting is the word. But as far as it being good or bad? I'm leaning more towards bad.
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I have three words for you; Pokemon MMO

^ More likely

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ive been thinking something very similiar. you even brought up some races i hadnt brought up, here are some mroe ideas for you, item classes, you use items that create classes, based on your weapon the item responds differently if you just use unarmed you can use the powerful abilities of the item as more of a special skill rather than a weapon focused power. on top of this you could have classes that could be unlocked, for instance like you were saying the cook (something i had come up with as well. Could attack monsters and over time cook them with various seasonings that would give buffs to nearby party members, if you defeat the monster in a recipe like way, or within a certain time limit etc. you could recieve buffs from the monster being baked (this would only be nonhumanoid monsters.) etc. On top of this platforming as an rpg as long as the framerate is good would be spectacular, i see no reason why this should not be implemented, a large platforming world with rpg elements especially in mario like gameplay could really liven up the mmo genre as i have yet to see anything like it on the market. The amount of classes that you could add could definetly change based on your own playstyle and your own unlocks, you could switch weapons, upgrade your stats as you see fit etc. The goal of the game mechanics as i see it should be to allow you to play any class and allow players to really choose a variety of classes that could work in conjunction with each other and be based more on platforming and mario like combat instead of the traditional (use your super skill, i heal you tank motif) although these elements should exist for sure, i would like to see more focus on actually doing platformer based combat, dodging, sliding, shooting, jumping etc. Along with special skills, that could easily work like different variations of fire flower. you could have skills work in a variety of ways based on teh weapon you wield adnd the iitem you use to change your class there would be different ways to charge skills like smash attacks etc. conjunction moves like timed hits in smrpg could be implemented allowing you to deal increased damage and other effects if you time the hit just right, or fire a flame ball charged and then detonate it just as it smacks an enemy, these ideas would be excellent, and the more the classes could interact with each other in skills and abilities the better, i dont just mean his skill enhances my skill, i mean changing game mechanics, allowing çombos and skill chain (like in final fantasy 11) moves but with as much freedom as possible, but requiring timing and good skill use. It couldnt be a spammer as it requires strategy to even hit the enemies in a platformer, and strategy to use certain skill combinations that you would like to see used. it wouldnt just be about damage, platformer physics could easily include granting boosts in speed, jumping, blasts backs (like smash attacks) flying, digging etc. there are alot more physics based gameplay aspects that could occur in a game like this, as well as imo more interesting boss fights (although ill give most mmos credit in strategy aspects when fighting bosses that require superb team work and endurance.) but i see no reason why a mario platformer mmo could not do this as well. Koopas could easily get in shells and spin at enemies, team mates and opposing players, or computers could pick them up and chuck them, when being thrown from a great height impact shock waves could occur etc. more platforming aspects and positioning players and monsters into certain battle situations coulud become paramount, maybe to fight a giant bird as it flies away you have to jump into the air use all your super jumps richochet off each other and then hurl the koopa player in shell form at the fleeing bird in order to knock it back down before it gale winds the battle field and knocks you all off. (this would be preety hard so im just using it as a kind of rough idea of what you could be doing.) theres a lot more... a game like mario as a mmo has a huge amount of party based play that could be incorporated.... mario cart easily, tournaments etc. prizes from these, large open sandbox like worlds to explore with random and building environments that could be broken down (bricks and blocks etc.) hidden caverns and respawning treasure to explore. Would players camp these treasures (probably but you could either make seperate kind of instances for these kind of hidden treasures for players/parties, or you could build the camping into the game, perhaps players could only use these treasures every so often, new tr easures would spawn in other løçations once that treasure was found, although the treasure may spawn there again, it will not be for a long time, or until that other treasure is found. Players could build fortresses from bricks broken, find item blocks and try and horde them for respawning treasure, but they could not leave the world map zone. There could be new item blocks and a changing kind of environment that would allow new secrets to materialize, sky worlds, cloud worlds with secret coins items and mobs etc. these all could be moving. Platforms in sky world could even dissapear and reappear allowing the treasures to become different, maybe even randomized with even new mobs and new terrain. Pipes could also be changed. Koopas, or random blocks could spawn and be made into fortresses that høuse some loot in the over world. Players could build their own fortreses to protect their respawning loot or secrets, or just to build. Pvp could be obvious, as bowswer and the mushroom kingdom faceoff. ...etc. Raising pets, fighting monsters and being able to unleash them in battle. perhaps a leveling system that would allow you to level up any class, any item and racial features for your character, as well as weapon profficiency and armor... i dont mean just skill ups, i mean new abilities, although leveling up these new abilities in terms of damage and effectiveness could easily exist as well. that all being said it would be a gamble, but it would be a welcome change for me. I feel very stuck on the ground with most mmos, feeling as if most of the mechanics are more about strategic button placement then judging distance, movement and i have never seen platforming aspects...aside from the notorious jump puzzle in mmos. since the mechanics of those games arent platformers, i see no reason that jump puzzles exist.... but with mario as long as their is a open dynamic and very platformer based world that is large enough for players to interact (obviously there could be multiple zones and many instanced like areas, maybe even battle fields.) i think it would have a real shot, that being said i dont know if nintendo would ever do this... but dont rule out a platformer based mmo, i see no reason why it couldnt or shouldnt me there have been worse mmos.
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the best way to think of it would be super mario galaxy 2... but with rpg elements like mroe abilities when you use that item, an inventory and some specialized classes and weapons, your abilities would change based on all three of these, you coudl rapidly change your item class by using different items like you would a power up in mario, if you are hit your item class breaks and you may only use normal type attacks, unless you unlocked a specialized class in which case you would still have a few of those special abilites but they would not be augmented by the item class. Characters you would play would be customizable, but preety normal characters from the mario world. (you wouldnt be mario or luigi etc. You would be toad, koopa, goomba, yoshi, shy guy, cloud person (from smrpg) etc. I have more im not really going to go more indepth... cause i already megaposted. but yeah i think it could definetly work and be unique, you couldnt half ass it though, would definetly require a lot of dedication would be a gamble but would definetly be a fun time imo.
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i'm not sure if i should be shocked because of the 3 year old necro, or because this wall of text fills my entire screen.
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#40 Posted by meetroid8 (21152 posts) -
i'm not sure if i should be shocked because of the 3 year old necro, or because this wall of text fills my entire screen.BrunoBRS
It's actually five years old. Apparently this isn't the first time it's been bumped.
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[QUOTE="BrunoBRS"]i'm not sure if i should be shocked because of the 3 year old necro, or because this wall of text fills my entire screen.meetroid8
It's actually five years old. Apparently this isn't the first time it's been bumped.

*checks* oh wow. point remains, i'm more amused by the great wall of china up there.
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[QUOTE="BrunoBRS"]i'm not sure if i should be shocked because of the 3 year old necro, or because this wall of text fills my entire screen.meetroid8
It's actually five years old. Apparently this isn't the first time it's been bumped.

lol, we need some good threads around these parts. :P